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Projectiles, Factories and Icons! (Oh my) (Mods : Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE) : Forum : Mod Creation Help : Projectiles, Factories and Icons! (Oh my)) Locked
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Apr 4 2013, 10:34pm Anchor

Might as well be lions, tigers, and bears to me. Hopefully, this will be a batch of smaller questions and not a huge give-away of my cluelessness of modding :) ...

1) Projectiles: Some of the ported units just don't cut it if they have boring old SC2 projectiles. So I tried to port in new ones! I set up all the emitters, whipped up the projectile's bp and script, I assigned the projectile to the emitter, I put the projectile in game, and....the game crashed! Something tells me I'm forgetting something, but I don't think it's with the emitters. I've tried to port in a couple types of projectiles, all with the same result. What am I doing wrong?...

2) Factories: In order to execute my not-so-ingenious plan to add seraphim units, I need to make seraphim factories! I made the factories able to build the units, but I have an issue... my units do not roll off the factory, they teleport off. Do I need to make a custom coststamp to fix this?

3) Icons!: One of the best parts of 1.1b, in my opinion, was the new icons! They just make revamp look so much more....SC2-like. How were those made?

I hope I didn't do something stupid for one of these problems like I did for my last issue....

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Apr 11 2013, 7:33am Anchor


1. Projecilte porting isn't easy you need to track down muzzle flash, impact and projectile effects of the projecilte in FA copy over the emitter files then repath them in the EffectTemplates.lua then call them inside your projectile.bp

2. coststamp dont control how units are built check though your CATS and also look though the units script to see if there no FA code affecting it.

3. I use 3Ds Max and save the view-port then i color it in Photoshop.


Apr 11 2013, 3:01pm Anchor

You said porting units wasn't easy either, and look where I got! -_-
I think I did all that for projectiles, so let me get a little more specific on exacltlly what I did with that:
1)created a projectiles/[faction name]/[projectile name] folder in my mod.scd
2) set the paths to /mods/DLC1/shadow/lua/sim/EffectTemplates.lua in the [projectilename]_proj.bp file.
3) Typed in the items in EffectTemplates.lua (created paths to a whole bunch of other .bps)
4) created a effects/emitters/[factionname]/weapons/[projectilename]/(miscellaneous folders) and put all of those .bps in EffectTemplates in those folders. I didn't edit them..(see below) there any code in these that could mess things up?
5) because I'm lazy, I just dragged all the particles from FA into /textures/particles im my mod folder so that I would have to go searching for all the right ones for each .bp. Maybe not the best idea...
6) Triple-checked my code and launched the game. Crash!
I didn't make the muzzle affects, though. Might that be it? (My guess is: no.)

Aha, the infamous CATS. Or maybe my laziness, and therefore never deleting FA code, has come to backstab me.

Ah, 3ds max. A shame you can't just get it for free, though there is always the trial exactly do you color them? I use gimp, but I'd assume that they're not all that different... Also, I hope I don't sound too wierd because I really don't have any idea has to use max, but don't you need an importer, which doesn't exist, to render models?

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Apr 12 2013, 4:44am Anchor

HAHA i did say porting units wasn't easy and you have done a good job so far, The unit mesh table you are doing in the wrong way though if you look over my work you'll find the right way :), Also porting simple units that dont have any script functions isn't hard but porting units that do you mite find it a lot harder as you need to understand some lua.

How are you adding the effects tables to the EffectTemplates.lua file? also are you just moving over FA projectile files to SC2 the script will need to be changed as the projectile.lua path is different in both games.

Yes you need a importer for SC/FA which you can find on GPGs forums then you need to add a Material to the model i normally color them white then save the view port then open it up in PS and color it blue and apply a few fillers and create a alpha channel then save it as a DDS image.

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Apr 12 2013, 6:36am Anchor

Yah, texturing will never be my thing. And I have only ported very simple units. But, I'm happy with simple units....for now.....

In effectTemplates.lua, I put something like: (shortened version)

MyNotWorkingProjectile_Hit01 = {
'/effects/emitters/weapons/illuminate/mynotworkingprojectile/[a couple other folders]/[fromFA].bp',
and I do that a couple of times, mostly for hit, trails and polytrails.

Well, I downloaded autodesk, and it doesn't run. But when I DO get it to work, I"ll have to try out what you said. You can then probably expect another flood of questions, but...well, maybe avitus could answer those, since he's the modeler....I'm sure you want a break....


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Apr 12 2013, 6:46am Anchor

Are you adding the table into the DLC effectTemplates.lua or are you hooking the table?

Avitus is the pro in 3Ds Max and PS i did come up with the final icon style which did take hours to perfect @_@.


Apr 12 2013, 6:59am Anchor

Just adding it into the file. (And it IS the DLC effect templates, I learned the whole z_lua_dlc1.scd vs. lua.scd issue after the whole gantry thing...) Maybe not the best way to do it, but it does still work...doesn't it?

Good job on the icon, it would take ages (maybe in the literal sense) to figure something like that out without guidance of some sort...

I really hate to do this, but something else has been on my mind. For my past 2 units I ported, both rather large experimentals, I haven't been able to change thier footprint size. Editing the 'Footprint = {' area and 'Sizex, y, or z =' (not sure why I even tried that...) didn't really affect anything. So then I go and look though your units files, and I can't find evidence of creating a footprint size at all! How did you pull of that?


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Apr 12 2013, 7:36am Anchor

Just make sure your adding the effect table for your weapon under the weapons table its better if you merge a custom table with the the default effect template table, It sounds like your braking the table that's why its crashing even before you can test the projectile, FA used footprints for buildings but SkirtSizes for units.


Apr 12 2013, 3:16pm Anchor

Well, I got 3ds max to work, and a model to import, but whenever I take the viewport, green boxes around the muzzles of all the guns appear in the picture as well. What do you do to get rid of it? Or am I just on the wrong track (I almost guarantee this one!)?

EDIT: Well, I just deleted the boxes. Why didn't I think of that before....?

Now, what exactly did you do in photoshop with the image? I'm afraid that I don't want to take hours as well to do something you figured out a long time ago...

EDIT 2: Redid the whole effect templates thing, and the game still crashes. Maybe I should put my projectile with the revamp onesin the file? What fun troubleshooting is! (sarcasm)

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Apr 12 2013, 9:57pm Anchor

For the icons i also use a filter in PS called Topaz Labs to tweak the icon even more, I start off by sizing the icon down to 58x58 then i do the following steps color balance, Hue/Saturation, Match Color (using a SC2 icon to color match with), Topaz Adjust, Hue/Saturation, Topaz Detail then i go about making the alpha layer.

Are you merging your effect table or are you still replacing the DLC one?


Apr 12 2013, 10:06pm Anchor

Still editing the dlc's a lot easier for someone new like me.....

Thanks for the icon info. Now I just have to pump out icons before my autodesk trial runs out!

Also, just FYI, footprint works. Thanks for that too....

Looking forward to tweaking 1.1b2 for you! And, of course, be on the lookout for any other of my incessant questions...(please)...

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