In a world that has suffered from wars and economic problems it was easy for a company to maintain control over the whole world. That was what synco did. Now the administrator thinks that only one thing is needed to make him a god is to create inteligent life...

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Very well done, originall compelling immersive, some buttons/puzzels where difficult to locate but not impossible, overall one of my favorite singleplayer mods (top say... 10) very well done and i am looking forward to a sequel

Lots of fun, definately worth a play for the good storyline, beautiful mapping, and excellent gameplay!


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Return is a mod with a lot of new stuff and fresh ideas. As I've seen the room from the vision, I've been reminded on F.E.A.R. ( and I love FEAR). I wished there where some more horror parts.

The mod was still great, thanks for sharing

Very nice, I love the new textures/skins and the maps & puzzles are fun and keep you busy. Kind of short but very enjoyable!

The architecture looks original and creates uneasy feeling of being moved into hostile world that's different from ours.

Gameplay-wise it's about solving environmental puzzles, finding a way to advance. Here are few examples of puzzle implementation.

If at the beginning you attack enemies with crowbar, their gunshots do overly high amount of damage. But when you find a machine gun, the damage suddenly decreases.

Lock which requires a key looks like it's breakable - different model should have been used for it. Then I put barrel that looks like it's explosive but actually doesn't explode near the enemy and wasted some ammo on it.

And then I see doors which are "blocked from the other sides" which prevents them from opening despite the fact that they're physically able to open both sides... Now it becomes clear that not enough thought was put into planning and implementing this. Such puzzle design breaks the immersion and makes everything look artificial.

Second level has some complicated physics puzzle that I didn't understand. Somehow I was supposed to use the thing attached to rope as an elevator but eventually I just managed to jump to the pipe I needed to reach this way. And the crate at the beginning is aggravating because it's very easy to slide off it.

Despite these annoyances with puzzles, this mod is worth checking out for its original architecture and unique otherwordly feel. If you like this feeling and want more of it, unfinished cut maps are included, you can load them by pressing "~" key, typing "map filename" and pressing "Enter". "mine_2" is the most beautiful of them.


Good job!.. nice feel. good to have new textures


I like it very much!


It was a fantastic and well built mod. The ending... Nothing special and kinda sloppy.


I tried it but couldn't finish it. I got lost and frustrated too many times. It was kind of an interesting story but I didn't get into it very deeply.


Some puzzles were too difficult!

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Lots of fun, definately worth a play for the good storyline, beautiful mapping, and excellent gameplay!

Jan 7 2011 by Mr.Walrus