A conversion for 'Empire at War: Forces of Corruption', Return of the Clones is based on a what-if senario - what if parts of the old Republic had survived Order 66, leading to a civil war not between the Empire and Rebellion, but between the Empire and Republic. In order to make things a little more realistic, the Zann Consortium is also now equipped with old, abandoned Confederacy equipment.

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This is a very cool mod
It definitely deserves a nine. It is great if you are looking to play as the republic. It has a lot of changes in the rebellion and many of the rebellion heroes are now republic heroes. Although this mod doesnt have the CIS, it still keeps the other three Factions from FOC.
Overall really fun game if you are looking to play as the Republic!


I love this mod, the timeline takes some getting used to.

Nice mod, only wish the venator-class was a different model with some size and Hardpoint corrections to the capital ships.

Great mod. I do, however, feel that, while it in itself is an AWESOME mod, it feels slightly unfinished. This is due to the fact that the rescurant destroyer is, well.....basically a re-skinned Agressor Destroyer. None of the voices were changed, and I believe it has the same hardpoints. Some other vessels had the same voices, though I guess that's to be expected. In addition to this I found some bugs, such as during Galactic Conquest I was unable to buy the Venator, even though I have stolen the technology. Also, I've encountered one where my friendly AIs didn't move. That might've been a random, unfixable one. However, I sorta like the fact that Boba Fett is REALLY good at killing Han Solo. Oh, um.......on the off-chance that someone's still keeping the mod alive, could you PLEASE make Delta and Omega Squad?

A really great mod, not only the unit and gameplay changes, but the story too! i love the story of the new Clone Army

great all around game but the republic wrecks shop against the empire just a little to easily


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