Enter the dark world of Umbrella Incorporated and fight the "Mother of all Viruses" in this Resident Evil instalment

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Resident Evil: To Serve and Protect Alpha Released!

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Sorry for such a late post, but we figured better late than never so here we go. We have a few new things, so I'll start with the biggest one: Our...

Resident Evil: To Serve and Protect Semi-Monthly Update!

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Welcome to your Semi-Monthly Update. "New Story Page" Well I'll begin by introducing the new story page. It shows the overall progression...

New Site

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Or rather Semi-new. We moved to some privately hosted space paid for by the generous Termin8tor. I only just realized I hadn't updated the ModDB...

Uploaded some picts of our weapons skins

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I uploaded some picts of our weapons skins that are coming along nicely from Lt. Kelly. More to come shortly.

Resident Evil: To Serve and Protect Update!

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I'll start this update with a promise I have in fact kept. Here you are. One boarding up demo for your viewing pleasure! I'm not too impressed...

New Forums

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Well we have new forums now. They'll change cosmetically over the coming days but the overall functions are all here. Another cool aspect is that...

October Update!

News 7 comments

Well it's that time again. I'd like to start by welcoming R2-D2, Mix-Tape, and returning Project Wesker to the team. R2 has actually been working...

Post-Monthly Update.

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Welcome to the monthly or rather, post-monthly update. Sorry for the wait but I'm sure you'll be more than impressed. We had some issues with the internal...

Resident Evil: To Serve and Protect Update!

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Here is the Monthly Update from Chaossaber folks, enjoy! Monthly Update With the end of the month comes the monthly update. I'll start by welcoming a...

Main Page Updated.

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Check it out!

Massive Updates

News 2 comments

I've uploaded several picts here and many more on the new website. Mapping continues steadily and the modellers are working harder than ever. Expect a...

Update Cpming Soon

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The site should be updated soon. Check the site June 1st for further information.

RETSP Website has been updated

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A minor update, but an update none the less.

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