Running. It feels like it's the only thing you've ever done. Run. Ran. Fled. But who could blame you? It started with the flu, or some sort of strange cold. That shit doesn't matter now. What matters is the fact that zombies, and strange monsters, and god knows WHAT else are out there. Better yet, they're right behind you. Kill them? Fat chance. The only gun you've seen in a good amount of time ran out of ammo hours ago, and that rusty old pipe in your hands doesn't look like any zombie killer you've ever seen. Finally, you see something that looks safe. Its an old Inn, the kind you'd see on the side of the road while driving down an interstate. You seem to have traveled from the city a bit, and the door to the main building is open. As you draw closer, and closer, it shuts! Suddenly, the entire situation seems ten times worse. From all around, zombies are swarming over you...

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I thought this development team always would make good mods and with an interesting particularity, but RE:CB is, compared to the other ones, a disappointment.

The mod shows the great job of the developers in the ambience, that looks pretty much like Resident Evil, though the creatures are mostly reskins of Half-Life's. The gameplay, at first, is extremely difficult, but the more the tries the easier it becomes. Also, along with the story, I don't think is interesting or entertaining at all. As you repeat some maps, you find new ways to walkthrough easily, mostly because of "bugs" (try to kill a dog standing on it). The zombie automatic-random-respawner feature is cool for avoiding cheating. A crappy thing is in some maps, specially the mall, once you advance in it (this means altering some portals with switches, buttons, etc.), when you die you can't get back to the very same spot you died.

RE:CB, in few words, resembles a lot of things of Resident Evil atmosphere, and is challenging at first, but becames easier by remembering spawns of objects and zombies (and other things) and trial and error. I would recommend, though, to play it with 2 or more friends as it can be insanely difficult and frustrating to play it alone.


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