Research and Development is a puzzle-centric mod for Half-Life 2: Episode Two featuring an unarmed player but plenty of violent mayhem.

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Portal-class puzzles with HL2 mechanics and excellent implementation. Must-play.

Just wonderful.

The puzzles are brilliantly designed with a clear goal in mind! The lack of custom content didn't detriment my playing experience, and I simply loved this mod. The fact that you can kill things without a gun just makes it all the more better to see happen. You've really raised the bar with HL2 mods and, more importantly, your mods!


интересно вот этот весь крафт итд,но моло собственного контента

this is just amazing nuff said


Im struggling against some bugs, i cant do some stuff like numpads (glow mesh missing sth...) but the idea behind the game is awesome and so are the puzzles, its a total ten because the bugs arent you're fault and if the game was on steam i wouldnt probably be having this trouble.


As much as I love the concept, programming and the game as a whole itself, I hate the small "improvised" car towards the end 'cos for me it was almost uncontrolable (not WASD setup) and I got sick from whirling.

Cool mod...that's about all I can say really!

Great mod! Professional value for free stuff - wow!
My kind of gameplay - not rushed, but still challenging.
Very small minus - color based puzzles ( big downer for colorblind people like me).

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