Research and Development is a puzzle-centric mod for Half-Life 2: Episode Two featuring an unarmed player but plenty of violent mayhem.

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Matt Bortolino's excellent HL2: Episode Two "action puzzler" has been released from nowhere!

Posted by Varsity on Jul 17th, 2009

Research and Development is a puzzle-centric mod for Half-Life 2: Episode Two, featuring an unarmed player but plenty of violent mayhem.

(It's really quite good.)Download now!

(If you have trouble pushing buttons accurately, download the July 17th update from the link above.)

(If you can't get out of the cart, open the console and type ent_fire ui deactivate.)

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Playerh3ll Jul 18 2009, 1:25am says:

I see some people have difficulties, I'll make a guide for you .

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Zoook Jul 18 2009, 2:26am says:

This is an amazing mod. Difficult at times, but that only made it so much sweeter to beat it. Hilarious ending scene.

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klichka Jul 18 2009, 3:04am says:

This was the most awesome thing I played in a while. Please make another one. I can't get enough of these puzzles and I just wish the last portion was a bit longer so I could really see what that baby was capable of.

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Mainblz Jul 18 2009, 4:05am says:

Now THESE are the kind of puzzles i was expecting from Curse... Curse was way too easy. These are the kind of puzzles that nothings straight forward for you. You just have to keep tinkering untill you find something.

GREAT work!!! This is now one of my favorite mods.

The mapping was phenomenal, Heavy detail mixed in perfectly with the puzzle gameplay.

Only wish i had more to play :D

Keep up the amazing work!

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Ekonk Jul 18 2009, 5:34am says:

Nice screens, I like source puzzeling. Downloading!

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nubblecakes Jul 18 2009, 7:50am says:

Just thought I'd drop a review here too, Matt_b (This is Nub from Interlopers).

This is probably the most interesting and fun mod I've ever played. It had a few kinks, but I never had any game-breaking bugs as others have mentioned. Kind of strange how only certain people are getting these of bugs.

The level design is absolutely superb. It looks professional, but it's no surprise from you. The puzzles were extremely clever; some being very difficult to discover their solutions even though it was sitting right in front of my face, while others were simply downright difficult but not overly frustrating (with the exception of the zombine tunnel when riding the rail cart, that was somewhat aggravating for me).

The last portion of the game was extremely silly, and seemed a little out of place in the mod, but they were REALLY funny. The "launch" scenes were particularly humorous, and I'll never forget the lolcat! Mr. Whirly was pretty unforgettable as well.

I remember chatting with you about making Mr. Whirly and such in the Interlopers Steam chat, and you ended up doing a great job on it. Everything about it came to fruition it seems, like having players actually build the thing then get to use it. I can agree with others though that the controls were very drifty and wonky. From what I gathered, the actual Mr. Whirly was parented to an invisible airboat; that being the only suitable vehicle base you could use for it.

Anyway, you did an amazing job overall. Every puzzle was original and well-made. The minor bugs I ran in to were no real setbacks for me and it would make no difference if they were there or not.

Keep up the great work man, I can't wait to see what else you have in the works.

Oh yeah, thanks for letting me use the models from your mod in my own map. :D

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N3WMAN Jul 18 2009, 8:21am says:

Amazing. Possibly the best single player mod I've played this year or maybe even ever. Every thing about this mod is awesome.

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Frednol Jul 18 2009, 8:49am says:

That was the greatest boss battle I have ever seen. I am in awe.

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Screamowic Jul 18 2009, 8:54am says:

One of my most favourite mods so far with really cool gameplay and refreshing ideas.

Keep up the good work! :D

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RunningJack Jul 18 2009, 10:42am says:

This mod is just awesome!!!
i really hope that there will be a 2nd part of this mod!
this kind of gameplay is real fun!!

And the vehicle at the end, was the greatest i have ever seen in a game!! ;)

great job!!!

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Film11 Jul 18 2009, 10:50am says:

Absolutely stunning. The level of detail that's gone into making this is on par with MINERVA, at least!

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Fartingo Jul 18 2009, 10:51am says:

As fun as it looks, I can't play it, it doesn't show in steam games, and by the time you FIX IT, the people putting spoilers in the comments will have ruined the whole thing. So yeah, FIX IT!

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Varsity Author
Varsity Jul 18 2009, 11:29am replied:

You need Episode Two.

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Fartingo Jul 18 2009, 11:37am replied:

I have it!

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Playerh3ll Jul 18 2009, 1:10pm replied:

Try restarting steam, verify if its put in sourcemods.

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Fartingo Jul 18 2009, 1:20pm replied:

I restarted Steam, too. This mod is just plain broken.

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Mainblz Jul 18 2009, 1:42pm replied:

Is Episode 2 INSTALLED? and if it is, have you ever RUN it since you installed it?

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mavman Jul 18 2009, 11:32am says:

It was very cool! Fun, action, humour with a good level design, congrats!

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HopEoj Jul 18 2009, 12:47pm says:

Absolutely awesome game, really makes yuo think :D :D
Outro is immense, even if it is that long :D :D

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liqid Jul 18 2009, 1:49pm says:

The fixed version is definitely an improvement. 10/10 after the fix - as promised.

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RocketSurgery Jul 18 2009, 4:34pm says:

im stuck in the room with all the steam and the conveyor belt to the left side of a fence, anything obvious im missing?

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Varsity Author
Varsity Jul 18 2009, 4:59pm replied:

Just punt around. ;)

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RocketSurgery Jul 18 2009, 10:18pm replied:

ok yeah, that rusty pipe thing isnt too obvious enough imo

no problems after that trial and error grenade tossing part

just beat it, hilarious ending

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DuckSauce Jul 19 2009, 3:53am replied:

yeah rusty pipe thing wasn't obvious at first for me either, luckily you're stuck in a small area where you can happily punt around only a limited amount of stuff so that makes it easier to find out :D

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Tokoya Jul 18 2009, 4:41pm says:

Moddb needs a Hall of Fame section just for mods of this caliber

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CrasherBuu Jul 19 2009, 9:50am says:

This mod is one of the most epic mods out there, with slow motion explosions and what-not. I really enjoyed how you get to fight indirectly with the antlion in the beginning, and also stuff like zapping the fools fighting in the water.

The boss battle was insanely awesome, even though it seemed a little wierd that the car handled like a boat (Took some getting used to)

Only problem i had was the second key code thing, i simply couldn't do it, so i noclipped through the door.

Well, then another problem being that it ended...

So, when are you going to release a sequel? ^____^

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Lee1337 Jul 19 2009, 2:43pm says:

THIS, was the BEST mod i ever played!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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VanderOZ Jul 19 2009, 2:51pm says:

The most epic mod I have ever played. I dub thee Episode 2.5!

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St0rmtr00per Jul 19 2009, 5:19pm says:

Great mod , but I have a problem with the numpad at the part with the energy cube, the code with the colours and so on... How can i press the number i want? it's so difficult to press the right number... :( I can't aim or anything else..

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Varsity Author
Varsity Jul 20 2009, 4:27am replied:

Get the updated version.

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St0rmtr00per Jul 20 2009, 5:55am replied:

ok, Thanks ! this may helps :D

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tylenol Jul 19 2009, 5:37pm says:

Played it, loved it, enough said.

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Lacabra Jul 20 2009, 7:36am says:

Astonishingly awesome mod.

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AlekZanDer Jul 20 2009, 12:47pm says:

THE BEST!But writing a code without a croshair,and the fuse box puzzel are immposible puzzels.Work on them a little.I had to use NOCLIP to pass them.

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Cirdain Jul 28 2009, 6:44am replied:

Someone isn't very good and should tried beating in the lock or on the other one pick the ******' spade up and stab the ceiling panels like it ****** your mum.

Sorry I got a bit carried away there.

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obdes Jul 20 2009, 5:30pm says:

Does anybody have a clue how to manage the microwave part? I'm desperate.

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JoshuaC Jul 20 2009, 6:05pm says:

I cannot exit the car like most others. The rest of the level after the antlion guards is inaccessible due to this bug.

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i_believe_in_cancer Jul 20 2009, 6:53pm says:

I get a crash to desktop when I start a new game. Anyone else experiencing this problem or know a fix?

I have tried both versions and reinstalled the latest version but I am still having the same issue.

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spellman23 Jul 20 2009, 9:13pm says:

sooooooo awesome.

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Ennui Jul 20 2009, 9:17pm says:

incredible work, best SP hl2 mod released so far

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Nokiaman Jul 25 2009, 9:22am says:

This is best HL2 singleplayer mod after a long time!

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wolfcub Aug 1 2009, 6:49am says:

Amazingly fun, make sure to have a brain if you want to play it, very VERY intuative puzzles!!! My favorite part of HL2, the puzzles! But for combat fans, this doesn't disappoint so long as you enjoy the gravity gun. =D

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Brokenguns25 Aug 2 2009, 2:12am says:

I learned about this mod from the steam news, so I decided to read about. After reading about it I concluded it was worth down loading episode 2 again just so I could play it.

I've now beaten it and I can honestly say without any doubt that this is the best mod I've ever played. If you're a fan of Portal you are going to love this mod. If you are a gamer this is a must have experience.

If you do not own Half Life 2 Episode 2, get it just to play this mod. This mod is that damn good! 10/10

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btnheazy03 Aug 11 2009, 1:44am says:

Incredible. Simply INCREDIBLE. The only criticism I have is WHY DOES IT HAVE TO END SO SOON? =)

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laserpanda Aug 12 2009, 12:55pm says:

best singleplayer mod I've played. Only critcism is how short the game is.

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Cirdain Dec 21 2009, 5:41am says:


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kaan88 Feb 7 2010, 9:25am says:


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