Republic at War is a total conversion modification for Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption. The mod replaces the Empire with the Galactic Republic and the Rebel Alliance with the Confederacy. Republic at War focuses heavily on the theatrical films but also contains content from the Clone Wars cartoon series as well as the expanded universe. Players can re-enact various Clone War campaigns such as the Outer Rim Sieges. Players will have the choice to fight as either the CIS or the Republic and wage war for control of the galaxy. Realism is key and players will have unprecedented control over how and where they fight. Push forward with an entire clone legion such as the 501st or 212th or overwhelm your opponent with a seemingly endless number of B1 battledroids. The choice is yours. There are also a number of expansions planned that will add new (as well as polish existing) content.

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It looks very visually appealing, but the AI needs to be turned down, especially in the early game on easy. They somehow have hundreds of ships already, I'm pressed to even hold Coruscant and that's taking nearly every bit of ships I have remaining, while I lose world after world.

That issue with GQ is disappointing, since I was looking very much forward to the mod.

"The enemy is producing massive amounts of war machinery." No $#!+, they already HAVE massive amounts of war machinery.

At this rate I might just uninstall it. I'm not playing a mod to lose as Republic simply so someone else can jerk themselves off to how 'awesome' the CIS is.

... Then it crashed to desktop when I tried to save to exit.

its an ok mod but alot of its units need reblaniceing

Great game. the AI is brilliant, and how the The conquests were set up is amazing. The space cap is humongous, which makes for epic space battles. the land battles, same as any EaW mod, suck. hardcore. dnt even hope of winning regularly against the ai on a home planet, theyll have like 100+ units on it that will take forever to beat.

solid 10/10 very good game, space battles epic

Easy AI is set to medium/ hard though so be careful.

i have lowered the score from the original 10/10 because of the fact that it took 2 years to get a damn path out, that was required 2 years ago!

too less new ships and soldiers

For 3 years people've been waiting for this, for three years they were adicted to moddb and republic at war. Every day in those years they've got tens of pictures in which they've seen EVERYTHING from the mod. And that was a big mistake... Because of the fact that they saw every unit evey hero eveyplanet, particle, ships ecc, when they finally got the mod and played it, they had a feeling like they had seen this all before. And because of that mod bored me in about 3 days, because too many things were shown in pics, and there were no surprises in a mod gameplay.

That's just my opinion.


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