Republic at War is a total conversion modification for Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption. The mod replaces the Empire with the Galactic Republic and the Rebel Alliance with the Confederacy. Republic at War focuses heavily on the theatrical films but also contains content from the Clone Wars cartoon series as well as the expanded universe. Players can re-enact various Clone War campaigns such as the Outer Rim Sieges. Players will have the choice to fight as either the CIS or the Republic and wage war for control of the galaxy. Realism is key and players will have unprecedented control over how and where they fight. Push forward with an entire clone legion such as the 501st or 212th or overwhelm your opponent with a seemingly endless number of B1 battledroids. The choice is yours. There are also a number of expansions planned that will add new (as well as polish existing) content.

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Death Watch Headquarter Building Redone Units
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80 comments by KillerHurdz on Mar 23rd, 2014

Current Project Status
Over the past couple of months, we have been very busy developing the next stage of the project -- Republic at War v1.2. This next release will include a number of additions and enhancements, some of which I've outlined below.

Republic at War v1.2 Features:

  • New units and planets.
  • New GC battlefield hazards and events.
  • New planetary income and defense structures.
  • New game launcher w/ one-touch game updating.
  • Completely redesigned GC maps.
  • Over 400 balance adjustments.
  • Numerous AI improvements and fixed.
  • GC performance improvements.
  • Misc bug fixes.

We'll continue reveal new details on progress, beta testing, and a release time frame, as we near completion.

Important Links & Information:

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Republic at War v1.1.5 Deutscher Patch

Republic at War v1.1.5 Deutscher Patch

Jun 30, 2013 Patch 85 comments

Please install Republic at War v1.1.5 with the Auto-Installer package before installing this patch. Dieser Patch updatet Republic at War v1.1.5 vollständig...

Republic at War v1.1.5 [Minimal | ADV USERS ONLY]

Republic at War v1.1.5 [Minimal | ADV USERS ONLY]

Jun 30, 2013 Full Version 57 comments

This package contains the BASIC Republic at War v1.1.5 game files (NO AUTO-INSTALLER). This is recommended ONLY for ADVANCED USERS who want a minimalist...

Republic at War v1.1.5

Republic at War v1.1.5

Jun 30, 2013 Full Version 434 comments

This package includes Republic at War v1.1.5 (auto-installer) as well as the game launcher and a short installation guide.

Republic at War v1.1 Game Manual

Republic at War v1.1 Game Manual

Jun 2, 2011 Guides 56 comments

This is the Republic at War v1.1 Game Manual. A revised manual will be made available sometime after the release of Republic at War v1.1.5.

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maddogshark Dec 11 2014, 11:37pm says:

Anyone else having issues with the AI? Blackout's XML files didn't seem to do the trick as the AI in the GC stand there and do nothing. Anyone know when the AI usually kicks in? I remember that it was day 15 was when they started to move.

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jawafreak Dec 13 2014, 8:58pm replied:

Well maybe that is kinda good because at least u have time to prepare. Though it does kinda take out the challenge of game a little bit... :( but I don't think the rebel ai in Vanilla was any different in GC.

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maddogshark Dec 13 2014, 10:01pm replied:

The problem was that back in 1.0 the game ran fine, though I don't remember if I needed to add a fix or not. I'm gonna re-install RaW, and hopefully I can just go back to "easy" and the Ai will be back to kicking my *** like the old days when I had this mod on my laptop before it had to be wiped.

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Slyguy3129 Dec 14 2014, 2:20pm replied:

Good Luck. I've just finished reinstalling and redownloading this mod as well.

I will let you know if it works for me.

This 15 day inactive AI needs to be disabled.

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The_Blackout Dec 15 2014, 7:09am replied:

I just want to point out that the AI will become aggressive sooner if you attack it sooner.

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maddogshark Dec 14 2014, 4:07pm replied:

I just re-installed RaW, and it seems to work in GC for playing as the republic. Though by day 15, the CIS is building a #!@&-ton of Space Generals on Hypori. By day 25 or so they have 45 Space generals and a small fleet. I hope that means it's working and it's building up to something big, or the Ai is still having hiccups and is just amassing generals on one planet.

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jawafreak Dec 14 2014, 8:49pm replied:

The ai is pretty ****** up, but 'space generals' actually fleet commanders cannot be built (or aren't supposed to be able to be) until 1.2. And it will be the cis only, and they are called Tactical Droids.

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maddogshark Dec 14 2014, 8:52pm replied:

Was meant to say fleet commanders, but that's what was going on. A bug in the system, or did they misplace fleet commanders with other space units?

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jawafreak Dec 14 2014, 9:19pm replied:

A bug, since they technically aren't supposed to be build able anyways, and the ai even on hard is kinda stupid when it comes to tactics. Their strategy of spamming stuff is great, but when they simply try to blindly rush my defenses, I usually win unless the pride comes along, or am totally overwhelmed by weight of #s. For example, I defeated a republic Space armada of 12 Victories, 8 Venators, 2 dreadnoughts, and 1 Carrack Cruiser. All I had was a lvl 3 space station, a long range scanner(which let me see them the moment they spawned), a Munificient, 2 patrol frigates, and 4 squadrons of tri fighters. When u r against odds like that, u can either retreat, auto-resolve, or Micro the **** out of ur tri fighters. Do that and wallah.

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maddogshark Dec 15 2014, 5:32pm replied:

I play the Republic, so that maybe why I'm having a hard time getting a challenge. Back in 1.0 I played with the CIS more than Republic, and my day 15, I'd get swarmed by the enemy. Even attacking them sooner yields no results in them retaliating. I remember that there was a GC fix before Blackout's unofficial fix, so I'll try that again.

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Slyguy3129 Dec 12 2014, 2:20am replied:

I do, just read a few post down boss lol. And what is this day 15 mess I keep hearing?

You mean the AI is disabled for 15 in game days? Jesus thats an eternity, AI in its present day form is already handicapped enough.

I guess I'll wait for 1.2 or whatever. Might try Thrawn's Revenge, that looks neat.

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Sly442 Dec 13 2014, 6:33am replied:

You sound like the most self-righteous person in this page in a while. Though anyone who says that is always ironic because they sound self-righteous.

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Slyguy3129 Dec 14 2014, 2:23pm replied:

I sound self-rightous because I'm upset that the AI isn't doing anything? Or because I'm upset that the AI is off for 15 game days?

I would love to hear you definition of self-rightous.

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Sephiroth0812 Dec 12 2014, 3:58am replied:

The AI is hampered for 15 days in easy difficulty ONLY in order to give players a headstart.
The AI in RaW is actually harder than anything you get to face in vanilla EaW/FoC or even Thrawns Revenge.
Between four and six simultaneous attacks with fleets consisting of over twenty ships is no rarity when the RaW-AI gets really kickin'.

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jawafreak Dec 14 2014, 9:23pm replied:

R u kidding me? The Droid ai on hard is easy because they are so predictable, and u have superior fighters and capital ships. The republic is easy too if u got the right micro co-ordination. On vanilla as Empire on GC on hard difficulty, the rebels were a bitch to kill, cuz they'd have so many dam cornelian gunships that my victories always failed to hit, and swarm with b wings and a wings. *** da rebel skumz!

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maddogshark Dec 12 2014, 10:23pm replied:

Wait, easy? So that's probably why it doesn't work. I've had GC on medium the whole time. Well, that solves that problem I think.

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The_Blackout Dec 12 2014, 5:41pm replied:
Quote:The AI in RaW is actually harder than anything you get to face in vanilla EaW/FoC or even Thrawns Revenge.

You should try multiplayer sometime.

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Sephiroth0812 Dec 12 2014, 8:24pm replied:

It's obvious that playing against humans is yet a total different level to engage, but that was not the point.
The point was a comparison of AI difficulty and while of course the RaW AI is still no match for a human player as an opponent, it's definitely more challenging (or rather requires a different strategy) than the vanilla game and even Thrawn's Revenge.
I know the latter because I recently installed Thrawn's Revenge as well, so I have now the best mods for both the Clone Wars era and after Endor era available and can switch between them depending on my mood of the day.

Besides, as far as I know in RaW you cannot even play GC in Multiplayer.

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The_Blackout Dec 13 2014, 5:16pm replied:

My bad :(

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jawafreak Dec 10 2014, 9:34pm says:

I doubt this is actually gonna happen, but it would be sweet if Wat Tambor's Mazariyan Citadel Fortress (from Boba Fett:A New Threat) was added in skirmish or something. That would be badass...

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Slyguy3129 Dec 10 2014, 8:11pm says:

Well I was bound and determined to find a way to make the AI work, because it simply did nothing for me.

After looking around, I found a forum here: and looking through the post I found someone else concerned that the AI did nothing. Within that post a forumite responded with two link within his signature.

One was for an AI Fix here:

Another for Player created GC maps here:

I have installed both of these, and I must say, it appears my issue with the AI has been resolved. I am very pleased with this outcome!

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Slyguy3129 Dec 10 2014, 11:54pm replied:

It appears I spoke too soon.

I've played six days into the GC "The Clone Wars" and again the AI is doing nothing. No building no fleet movements. When I attack a system, the AI ships stay exactly where they spawn, and do not move to engage. When I move into attack range, they attack, but I can fallback, and they do not pursue and return to the exact same spot they spawned. When I invade the planet, the enemy stays exactly where they spawned, and do not move. They do not secure buildpads. I can bomb them, them move briefly, then again return to spawn location.

I don't understand where people are saying the AI is OP, unless that is supposed to be some sort of funny joke, but I'm not laughing. I don't expect a challange from the AI, those hope died with Empire Total War, but this AI, makes Empire Total War's AI look like an omnipotent super God.

In short, this mod's AI does NOT work. Which is heartbreaking, because you can see all the work that went into the game. But something got lost in all the work they did, and that was the AI.

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Slyguy3129 Dec 10 2014, 6:21pm says:

Well, I just spent the time uninstalling the mod via the installer, and then re-installing it.

The AI appears to work only when playing the Confederacy. When playing as the Republic, the droid armies do NOTHING. The Droid fleets do NOTHING. The only reason they even shoot is more than likely because its hardcoded.

I'll repeat that one more time for other who may be interested in this mod. The AI does not work. It doesn't build, it doesn't attack, it doesn't even move, at all when playing as the Republic. It seems as though they forgot to install the AI for the droids.

This is very dissapointing, as this mod looks like it took a great deal of time to make. And to make matters worse, the mod is as dead as the AI in it.

I'll look for another Republic era mod to play, as this one is like a JJ Abrams movie. All poke you in the eye, but no depth.

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master23roks Dec 10 2014, 7:32pm replied:

Hi, try this out - it helped solve my problem with the AI not doing anything

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Slyguy3129 Dec 10 2014, 8:06pm replied:

I found it around 30 minutes ago, Installed it and played, and it appears to have solved my problem! The AI moves its units around and stuff now! Huzzah! Also found the Player created GC maps, they are a nice addition as well!

Thank you for posting this as well. I'm going to make a new comment linking both the AI fix and Player created maps! Its only fair.

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The_Blackout Dec 11 2014, 10:14pm replied:

Glad I could help :).

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Looks really polished Z3r0x. I must say though, you've caught alot of flak today, and the fact that you kept your cool would make me give you a 10/10 in itself. Nice work.

Dec 31 2010, 1:36am by ExoticTofu

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Worst MOD EVER!!!!

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