Republic at War is a total conversion modification for Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption. The mod replaces the Empire with the Galactic Republic and the Rebel Alliance with the Confederacy. Republic at War focuses heavily on the theatrical films but also contains content from the Clone Wars cartoon series as well as the expanded universe. Players can re-enact various Clone War campaigns such as the Outer Rim Sieges. Players will have the choice to fight as either the CIS or the Republic and wage war for control of the galaxy. Realism is key and players will have unprecedented control over how and where they fight. Push forward with an entire clone legion such as the 501st or 212th or overwhelm your opponent with a seemingly endless number of B1 battledroids. The choice is yours. There are also a number of expansions planned that will add new (as well as polish existing) content.

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72 comments by KillerHurdz on Mar 23rd, 2014

Current Project Status
Over the past couple of months, we have been very busy developing the next stage of the project -- Republic at War v1.2. This next release will include a number of additions and enhancements, some of which I've outlined below.

Republic at War v1.2 Features:

  • New units and planets.
  • New GC battlefield hazards and events.
  • New planetary income and defense structures.
  • New game launcher w/ one-touch game updating.
  • Completely redesigned GC maps.
  • Over 400 balance adjustments.
  • Numerous AI improvements and fixed.
  • GC performance improvements.
  • Misc bug fixes.

We'll continue reveal new details on progress, beta testing, and a release time frame, as we near completion.

Important Links & Information:

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Republic at War v1.1.5 Deutscher Patch

Republic at War v1.1.5 Deutscher Patch

Jun 30, 2013 Patch 75 comments

Please install Republic at War v1.1.5 with the Auto-Installer package before installing this patch. Dieser Patch updatet Republic at War v1.1.5 vollständig...

Republic at War v1.1.5 [Minimal | ADV USERS ONLY]

Republic at War v1.1.5 [Minimal | ADV USERS ONLY]

Jun 30, 2013 Full Version 52 comments

This package contains the BASIC Republic at War v1.1.5 game files (NO AUTO-INSTALLER). This is recommended ONLY for ADVANCED USERS who want a minimalist...

Republic at War v1.1.5

Republic at War v1.1.5

Jun 30, 2013 Full Version 382 comments

This package includes Republic at War v1.1.5 (auto-installer) as well as the game launcher and a short installation guide.

Republic at War v1.1 Game Manual

Republic at War v1.1 Game Manual

Jun 2, 2011 Guides 55 comments

This is the Republic at War v1.1 Game Manual. A revised manual will be made available sometime after the release of Republic at War v1.1.5.

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DarthEli Aug 20 2014, 3:03pm says:

Does anyone know how to increase firing range for infantry? I can't find it in xml files.

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Sephiroth0812 Aug 20 2014, 4:56am says:

It was Skywalker who hatched that plan to put the Venators on a position where they would seem vulnerable (have no room to manoeuver, additional protection for the enemy fleet due to the asteroid ring etc.) because he wanted 2 things at once: Defend Bothawui and capture Grievous.
By luring the enemy fleet into the Asteroid ring using the cruisers as bait the Republic could also prevent the CIS forces from retreating as you can't jump to hyperspace in an Asteroid field.
As expected Grievous eventually fled his doomed flagship in his fighter after the AT-TE-trick worked and Skywalker gave chase. He was only prevented from catching Grievous by a piece of debris crashing into his fighter which disabled it.

As far as I have read, there were several millions of warships entangled in the Outer Rim Sieges during the last year of the Clone Wars on both sides.
The 1000 Venators were actually the core of the Coruscant defense fleet, which already may give a slight overview of the actual size of both Republic and CIS navies in the entire conflict, if they could really hold back 1000 Venators to defend the capital world. Additionally there were several Dreadnaughts, Carrack cruisers and even some new Victory I-Star Destroyers stationed around the outskirts of the Coruscant system which were called back when the CIS fleet arrived.

The attack on Coruscant was a total surprise for the Republic though because Grievous used secret hyperlanes through the Deep Core to reach Coruscant which were provided by Palpatine. While Grievous managed to "kidnap" Palpatine, the battle raged on between the two massive armadas with the Defense Fleet sustaining heavy losses.
When Grievous wanted to flee though, the Open Circle Armada (which was stated to also include "thousands" of ships of different classes) under command of both Kenobi and Skywalker returned and trapped the CIS fleet between them and the remaining Defense Fleet. In the end the Republic won, but it was a phyrric victory overall.

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Sephiroth0812 Aug 20 2014, 5:12am replied:

Continuation of previous comment:

True, at the first battle of Geonosis there were even only roughly 200.000 Clone Troopers present (not counting pilots or gunners on ships) as well as 20 Acclamators. Of course it was a small amount when looking at galactic scale, but that was the problem the Republic had to face at first. They were severely outnumbered and the inital amount of ships was crucial so that they wouldn't be already overrun in the first few weeks. The planetary defense fleets of individual member worlds would of course also add to the overall defense of the Republic while the many medium and small ships of the Judicial Forces were swiftly integrated into the new Navy.
In order to combat the short supply of warships, there were of course placed orders to produce more Acclamators, but Palpatine also ordered nearly all diplomatic Consular-class cruisers to be converted into warships called the charger c70-retrofit (those are the white corvettes in RaW).
The Republic was actually rather slow to go into full wartime production (it's a democracy after all and it provided more opportunities for Palpatine to amass more emergency powers), but planets like Kuat, Duro, Rothana, Corellia, Rendili etc. could nonetheless produce dozens of warships in parallel runs in their facilities.
Both Acclamators and Venators were "stock"-type warships, meaning they had many standardized parts and equipment that made them good for serial production runs, reducing the time needed to construct them overall.

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Lieutenant_Sunber Aug 20 2014, 7:07am replied:

Personally, in real life I believe the droids would have one the war the first few months. They were literally mass produced in minutes within those factories around the galaxy, provided they had the parts and resources.

Clone Troopers took much longer to make and they almost all came from Kamino which meant it took longer to distribute them around the galaxy. Later they started more cloning facilities around the galaxy. Although I'm sure the Kaminoians oversaw it personally.

Democracy has a tendency to be slow when it comes to war. Free and democratic societies seek to negotiate and try to resolve diplomatic issues peacefully. They aren't militaristic and start producing massive militaries when someone disagrees with them. First they talk. Then they fight. But from the start they are slow to pick up arms. It simply isn't in there nature. So it's not really a surpirse they were slow at first to producing ships. Although it is a good thing to be slow to war. Because war is indeed a terrible thing.

Stock ships are much easier to produce. I knew that, but I'm just wondering as a kind of easter egg type bonus, how long, in reality, with the stock parts, to make a Venator or Acclamator in weeks, months, etc. Just curious.

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Sephiroth0812 Aug 21 2014, 4:07am replied:

Not in the first few months, but if the Republic hadn't increased their war production and dedicated more funds and resources for expanding military AND the war economy, the CIS would have inflicted enough damage by one year that they would have reached their main war goal.
One has to remember that the primary war goal of the CIS itself (not Sidious, Dooku and their Sith schemes) was to force the Republic to recognize them as an independent galactic government and legitimize their member world's secession from the Coruscant government.
Their overall goal was not to completely devastate the Republic, but to emancipate themselves from the dictat of the (admittedly) vastly corrupt Senate. The various commecial conglomerates and trade guilds had also no interest in complete destruction anywhere cause that would reduce the available worlds for trade.

About the droids there's also to keep in mind that the regular models were very poor quality and not really that effective. Truly effective CIS weapons like the AAT, Droidekas or Commando Droids were produced in far fewer numbers and required longer to build. 1 Clone Trooper is arguably worth 20 B1-Battledroids and still 5 B2 models.
Furthermore, as the Guest pointed out, besides the planetary defense fleets of individual worlds there were also planetary defense armies available which could not only protect their own planets but also neighbouring ones.
Additionally there is to keep in mind that the Republic had much more territory and therefore potential power than the CIS. From looking at the map of the Clone Wars (easily findable on Wookiepedia), one can see that the Republic (on that map in blue) had vastly more Territory (90 % of the Core worlds, nearly the entire Colonies and Inner Rim parts) than the CIS (red).
So even with the CIS having a massive military advantage at the start, it would take some time to take away the territorial advantage of the Republic. Time for the Republic to further increase their military.

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Sephiroth0812 Aug 21 2014, 4:33am replied:

continuation of previous comment:

In most cases this is a wise approach if your enemy is also a rational thinking force. Then there's of course also the issue with funding. The Clone Wars-CGI series dealt even with that as some episodes addressed bills brought to the Senate in order to further increase the military to gain an edge over the CIS. Increasing the military even more was opposed by famous Senators like Padmé Amidala, Bail Organa and Mon Mothma who would have preferred to end the war on diplomatic terms.
Mon Mothma also argued that more funds spent on the military would negatively affect food production and hamper aid for refugees and more poor member planets.
Even within the CIS (which had their own Senate) were delegates like Mina Bonteri (Senator of Onderon) who favoured ending the war diplomatically IF the Republic would either accept a coexistence with an independent CIS government or at least guaranteed no punishment for any planet that seceded and introduce reforms to the corrupt Senate.
The peace proposers within the Senate would have actually accepted the second conditions (as they wanted to reform the Republic themselves) in order to end the war, but needless to say that these efforts were sabotaged from both sides by Sidious/Palpatine and his supporters and Dooku respectively.

It's funny that you get no clear figures on build times for nearly all ships etc. in the Star Wars galaxy (except the first Death Star, which thanks to ineffective management, sabotage and material shortages needed 15 years to build, lol), although I would assume that with sufficient material supply, serial production with stock parts and the most likely more effective workforce in the GFFA you can produce an Acclamator in about a month while a Venator would most like take three or four.
On our puny real-life earth though, I'd think we'd need more than two years and several countries like USA, Germany, UK, China etc. collaborating to even get one Acclamator done.

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Guest Aug 21 2014, 3:09am replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

chancellor14 Aug 19 2014, 4:04pm says:

Where can I build Malevolence as the CIS? I conquered the galaxy, letting the Republic live on Alderaan.

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Yoda1106 Aug 19 2014, 4:31pm replied:

You can build it ONLY on Minntooine (spelling?) at Tech 3 or 4 with a Level 4+ Space Station. Did that help?

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jordanthejq12 Aug 20 2014, 1:27pm replied:

Minntooine isn't available in every GC (not Core Assault, I believe). If that's the GC in play, it can't be built.

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Looks really polished Z3r0x. I must say though, you've caught alot of flak today, and the fact that you kept your cool would make me give you a 10/10 in itself. Nice work.

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Worst MOD EVER!!!!

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