This mod allows you to salvage parts from weapons and armor and use them to repair your equipment.

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Lоner says

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Excellent little mini-mod. Took a look at the script, nice and clean. Easy to implement as well!

I rated it a 10 even though the visuals aren't that stunning, but I do know that not everyone is a graphical artist, hence my little "gift" to this mod and the author!

Cheers from the MISERY team.


Daemonion says

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A robust repair kit system that can easily be implemented into Gamedata and the Level Editor.

Includes features not seen in other repair mods. This is not a simple "catch-all" repair kit - it adds fun and worthwhile mechanics to the game with the addition of "spare parts." I highly recommend you check it out.

10/10 up from 9/10 - author added a new UI to better match the game. Great support from this dev, and great product!


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