Renegade Resurgence is a mod for FreeSpace 2 that is played some years after the Capella incident. The player is a rookie pilot for the GTVA (Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance), and immediately finds himself at the core of events. Soon, the GTVA will realize that what they thought as a pirate organization is actually something more menacing. The stability and existence of the galaxy-spanning alliance is once again imperiled by a group of renegade Terrans and Vasudans who go against their own species with the intent of destroying the GTVA, and replacing its government with their own. RR focuses on gameplay and thorough mission design. Restoring the feeling of the original FreeSpace 2 campaign is the main focus of RR, but now the enemy is different. The mod includes several new weapons, each having its unique uses. Storywise, RR is like a war novel. It will let you know what it means to be a cog in a wheel. (I would like to ask for more feedback, either by a comment or email)

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Renegade Resurgence v1.1 patch

Renegade Resurgence v1.1 patch

Jul 9, 2008 Full Version (10.81mb) 0 comments

Renegade Resurgence v1.1 patch. Nothing else is needed. If you already have RR installed on your computer, I suggest you make a new folder specifically...

Renegade Resurgence v1.1 - Easier Version

Renegade Resurgence v1.1 - Easier Version

Sep 30, 2009 Patch (3.92mb) 0 comments

This is the campaign's easier version, designed with FreeSpace Open 3.6.11 and its game balance issues in mind. I still don't wholeheartedly recommend...

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