• Frontline: units can capture tiles. (or liberate your allied/friends tiles)
  • Supply lines: units that are not connected to a city won't get reinforcements and get a malus in combat.
  • Reinforcements: personnel and materiel are needed to "heal" your units.
  • Retreat: units will retreat under heavy casualties or from captured cities.
  • National units: each great power have it's own set of units models
  • Accurate european map with 5 playable civilizations and 31 CS representing the other European nation, with complete text entry.
  • Custom diplomacy to ensure that allies and axis nations enter war in the historical side.

Installation :

- update your version of Civilization to at least patch that's mandatory, the mod use some of the new game events
- delete all previous version of the core mod from the mod folder. Unless updated, the data mod don't need to be deleted/reinstalled.
- If updated, download the R.E.D. WWII Data Files (74 MB) from mediafire
- download the R.E.D. WWII Edition core mod file.
- extract the two .civ5mod files in sub folders of your MODS folder (..\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS) using 7zip or another archive manager.
- find the R.E.D. WWII Edition and R.E.D. WWII Data Files lines and activate them.
- deactivate all other mods
- from the mod section, go to single player and then to custom game

Note : The retreat feature won't work if you're using quick combat animation or strategic view.


danrell: all the WW2 units used in this mod
Hulfgar: civilopedia entries and unit icons
Putmalk: unit icons
T_KCommanderbly : unit icons, DoM presentation and text
NwabudikeMorgan: historical DoW list
FouR_Pharao : unit icons
NiRv4n4: the European Landmass map
mihaifx: the City States Leaders mod
pap1723: the WW2 civ flag & leaders icons
Whys: SaveUtils code
whoward69: route finding code
csebal: CsebMod
Erendir, Xienwolf, Kael and Thalassicus: Flag Promotions mod
Gedemon: design/coding

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R.E.D. WWII v.9

News 0 comments

v0.9 (Aug 29, 2011):
- Bugfix : "Fall of Poland" should now works as intended...
- Bugfix : "Fall of France" (some cities were not flipped correctly to Vichy France if already captured by axis power)
- Feature : add real date for DoW / Annexation / Alliance compiled by NwabudikeMorgan
- Feature : add naval counter-attack mod by Mylon
- Balance : change Destroyer Anti-Submarine promotion to +200% (was 100%)
- Balance : battleships range down to 1 (was 2)
- Balance : artillery get -50% combat against Naval units, -25% against Armor, +50% against cities and +25% against Gun
- Change : USSR won't become permanently allied with Uk/France (to prevent Poland liberation by USSR)

v0.8 (Aug 25, 2011):
- Bugfix : Captured territories was wrongly liberated in some cases when making a permanent alliance
- Feature : allied and friend CS give you a portion of their reinforcements in materiel and personnel
- Feature : "Fall of Poland" when Warsaw is captured by Germany or USSR with territory splitting if both are still at peace.
- Feature : add probability and more units available for calling reserve troops by the AI
- Feature : liberating a CS city give a diplo boost
- Balance : infantry start with city siege (+20% against cities)
- Balance : remove one movement point to a retreating unit.
- Balance : occupied cities produce less reinforcement than normal cities unless an Administrative Building is build
- Added: third (this one's even smaller, damn bugs, taking all my time !) batch of units from danrell's WW2 packs:
- Poland units: infantry, Vickers MkE Type A, 10TP, PZL P.11, PZL P.37

v0.7 (Aug 22, 2011):
- Bugfix: "Fall of France" script should not liberate all plot on the map

v0.6 (Aug 22, 2011):
- Bugfix: Attack Aircrafts were getting +20% combat against city instead of -25%.
- Balance: Attack Aircrafts get +100% combat against land unit and +150% against armor (was +50% and +100%)
- Balance: Submarines ranged attack divided by 2, but give x2 bonus against all other sea units (except other subs)
- Balance: remove the "No City Capture" from armor units, AI was too much penalized.
- Bugfix: this time really liberate allied/friend tiles after a city capture have given them to another civ.
- Bugfix: unit escaping a captured city was getting wrong damage value.
- Bugfix: in some conditions, the supply line function was trying to find the cities of a dead player...
- Bugfix: flag of major civilization now correctly showing in war notification icons.
- Feature: display information about reinforcement needed by a unit on city build screen mouseover tooltip.
- Feature: "Buy War Bonds" (product materiel reiforcement) and "Your country needs you" (product personnel reinforcement) processes to city production.
- Feature: restriction on type of units build by AI based on ratio
- Feature: limited number of special unit classes for all game (ex: only two battleships of the Bismarck class allowed, if the Tirpiz is build and one of them is lost, no other can be build)
- Feature: fall of France when Paris is captured by Axis power. If you play as France, you don't want to lose Paris, you really don't...
- Added: Dawn of Man layout and texts by T_KCommanderbly
- Added: second (this one's small) batch of units from danrell's WW2 packs:
- light tanks: AMR 35, FCM 36, Panzer 35(t), Vickers MKVIB, Tetrarch, Matilda I, T-26, L6/40

R.E.D. WWII v.5

R.E.D. WWII v.5

News 0 comments

Complete changelog from v.1 (Jul 16, 2011) to v.5 (Aug 16, 2011)

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Here is what you have to do as someone mentioned before. When you put the MODS folder, create subfolders within the MODS folder with the same name as the civ5mod file name. I.e./ R.E.D. WWII Data Files (v 4). Then place the file in that folder. I believe the reason many cannot play it is the link to the R.E.D core mod file requires the R.E.D. data files pack V4. Not V2 which the link above other link sends you to download. I cannot post a URL and I'm not joining just to do so. Hoever search on google for R.E.D. WWII Data Files (v 4) and you'll find it. It does work.

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Doesn't work. Tells me to activate the data files but when I go look, they are activated.

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What the heck does this mean:

- find the R.E.D. WWII Edition and R.E.D. WWII Data Files lines and activate them.

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Dammit! Why is there no body trying to fix these thing?!

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When I try to start a custom game I get an error message about an missing infantry file or something? Can someone / the developers help me?
Thank you!

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