The year is 1955. Location New York. You and your friend Tony just pulled up to the Chanterelle, where you meet you lovley dates, Jane and Mary. After a while in the resturant you hear a sudden BOOM! The room gets thrown into chaos. You try to find a way out but its too late. 4 years later, after the Russian Invasion you end up in a prision with Tony. Now you guys must escape and find the rebellion, aka "The Black Hand", who you will help you take back your mother land and free America! TEAM MEMBERS NEEDED!!!!!! Voice actors, modelers, programer or if your extremly talented with the Flow graph, animators, texture desginers/skinners, mappers,flash You will need to know a good amount of thi in order to apply. Especilly for the modelers. But if you think you got what it takes plz email me, and u can become part of this incrediable journey. Note: This game will be a total converison, pre/post apocalyptic RPG. Were combinding ideas from Bioshock, Fallout, and half life 2 to make this mod.

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Here is a little article in commemorating those who gave lost there lives on the fateful day.

Posted by chris_sloany on Sep 11th, 2009

Keep in mind i did not make this video.
God bless

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sbseed Creator
sbseed Sep 12 2009 says:


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James100 Sep 13 2009 says:

God damn you Osama, A Cheers to those who paid the ultimate price.

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chris_sloany Author
chris_sloany Sep 14 2009 replied:

hell yes man!

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ultimatemale420 Oct 3 2009 replied:

osama is dead man. he died fall 2001. the zionists are behind this barberic deed.
"there is a secret government, within the united states government and this secret government prime priority is Isreal not America, it is this secret government whom are responsible for the 9/11 event not me."

quots binladin 12th sept 2001

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sbseed Creator
sbseed Oct 30 2009 replied:

LMAO, osama had connections to the major terrorist organizations and was pulling at straws when he sent out that video...becouse he was scared like the true coward he is/was.

osama had gotten financial support from saddam by this time in exchange (which was never fulfilled) for military support to help saddam take over some of the surrounding countries, such as syria and saudi arabia and possibly Iran...what saddam didnt know at the time was that osama was trying to make deals with IRAN, failing at first and later on succeeding.

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faulk Oct 2 2009 says:

god bless the innocents killed during the occupation of afghanistan and iraq

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Jack_Morgan Oct 3 2009 says:

America will never 'defeat' global terrorism through occupation and counter-insurgency, not even through intensified Home-Land security. One thing that we can bind all terrorist action together by is an idealogy as a motive... Even anarchy. The anti-american idealogy stems not from the nature of your innocent populace, but from the nature of a corrupt global financial system that has allowed America to ascertain wealth, far disproptianate to it's population, through immoral and unjustifiable means. The American government continues to horde wealth even in this modern day, by not ratifying the Kyoto protocol the American government submitted that paying a price equivelant to their place in the global community was not going to be a possibility. I would suggest that to defeat terrorism one would have to remove the grim spectre in the idealogy of the terrorist's mind... The corrupt and globally irresponsible American Government and corporate world. And that's nobodies responsibility but the American peoples... Whatever happened to the 60's guys?

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James100 Oct 3 2009 replied:

Honestly I can say, Governments turn a nation bad.
By that I mean, the Governments hide the most of the horrible things, destroy cultures and other nations, and loooots of Warcrimes.

Nations that were accused bad, may be way better than people think.
Nations that appear good, may be badder than people think.

Both have their Preservatives and Conservatives, but some are way better but destroyed by a habit, a bad one or good one on one's taste, They do the dirtiest things, some stop at a point, others throw lives away like used tissues just for some 'Extra money', But if the people's happy, the nation would do whatever it wants.

What I said points an intertwinment between the USA and Russia/Former Russia.

It's disappointing as sometimes the truth hurts, sometimes it wakes you.

Well let God decide after all :P

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