Red alert: ReGeneration is a Red alert 1 total conversion for Generals: Zero Hour. It brings the original Red alert, with the Aftermath additions, into Zero Hour. It will incorporate all units and buildings from Red alert, and it will also feature a few new things. These are usually things that might make the game a bit more intersting. The site will explain exactly what we're doing and what we have done so far. There's also a lot more pictures there, including those found here. So visit the site if you want to know more, and for any questions, visit our forums.

Oldmanfunk leaves

11 years ago News 0 comments

We're all sorry to say Oldmanfunk has left us. Derelict Studios has been making sneak attacks on us, and it eventually resulted in a flame war. OMF left...

ReGen site is finished!

11 years ago News 0 comments

Some good news at last! The site is up and running! Go to to have a look.

Model explosion

11 years ago News 0 comments

We're currently having a model explosion at ReGen. One model after the other is finished, and you can therefore expect some nice screenshots of them on...

We're not dead!

11 years ago News 1 comment

Nope, I don't post here much, and the site has been down for at least a month, but we're NOT dead! Our host network, Revora, is just going through...

Some renders for the fans...

11 years ago News 1 comment

I posted up 3 renders of our in-game models, so people visiting here know what to expect. Although this is a centralised place for all mods, I'd...

Mithril leaves

11 years ago News 0 comments

Mithril, who was the AI scripter for the mod, has decided to leave the community, leaving all of his modding duties behind. This includes us. We...

Wallpaper pack

10 years ago News 0 comments

We have just put up a wallpaper pack for download. It contains two brand new desktop wallpapers for the ReGen fans out there to stick on their desktop...

We're back!

10 years ago News 3 comments

Back from the dead, no less. After fooling plenty of people with our unfortunate 'demise', we are now back in action. And we bring you gifts...

Our renders for today

10 years ago News 1 comment

As part of our campaign, we bring you today's fresh new renders... Soviet Missile Submarine - Soviet Yak attack plane You can see the full-sized...

Our third batch of renders

10 years ago News 1 comment

We've released another two renders at Red alert: ReGeneration, as part of our render campaign. And for today we have these for you to drool...

The campaign continues...

10 years ago News 6 comments

...and we have two fresh new renders for you! Enjoy these. :) V2 Launcher - Soviet Barracks

Here's another pair for you!

10 years ago News 5 comments

We won't be running out of these anytime soon, so until we do, just keep watching the news. ;) Today we once again have two more renders for your...

The newest renders

10 years ago News 4 comments

We've posted up two more renders for you. Today we have: Allied Turret - Soviet Missile Silo Enjoy those, and see you next time!

Our latest renders

10 years ago News 6 comments

We have another two renders for you to enjoy today. The Allied Radar Dome and the Service Depot:

Welcome Back Commanders!

Welcome Back Commanders!

9 years ago News 3 comments

Red alert: ReGeneration profile has just been updated! Everything that you see on here is competely up-to-date. Sorry for the inactivity for a while...

ReGeneration trailer

ReGeneration trailer

4 years ago News 1 comment

Video of a cancelled project - C&C: Red Alert - ReGeneration, a total conversion for C&C: Generals - Zero Hour.

C&C Generals: Zero Hour
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