Red Alert 3: Upheaval will bring you all 11 Uprising units and the remaining 28 Uprising maps.

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Really great mod! Some of the units are even better in this Mod than in the original uprising. (I like the horizontal attack from the giga fortress)

Great work!

IMHO, this is what Uprising should've been. Upheaval blends the best of RA3 and Uprising together, adds the much needed Multiplayer (which was shamefully missing from Uprising) along with all the Uprising maps, which seemed kinda wasted trapped in the original offline only expansion.
Upheaval also has the advantage of bringing the RA2 1.12 patch changes into play combined with the new units (something missing from Uprising, as it stands it is actually less patched than RA3, despite being released the following year).
Upheaval also seems to run smoother and have better path finding than either RA3 or Uprising. In addition, despite the many problems with the Origin CNC Ultimate Collection version of RA3, this mod (if used in combination with the Bibber's "Fixed Launchers for The Ultimate Collection") works just fine :)
Simply put, this is one of the finest mods I have ever played. Huge thanks to Bibber, for making this possible! 10/10

good mod good work thank you

i really want to play this game but where is the crack i want to download it

this game should be good but i really want that crack plz someone help me

perfect new units!!!!uprising with multiplayer...


Good mod, bad modder attitude, not really a good thing for the community.

Love this mod, because you don't have to spend money buying the expansion pack! The only thing is I would have thought that maybe if you added a few new units to make it unique, but thats just my opinion

This is my very first mod!

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