Red Alert 3 - Unleashed is set 26 years after Uprising. A total conversion of Red Alert 3, it will include 3 totally new factions with all new units, buildings and powers.

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The Allied Forces sign a new peace treaty with the Soviets, and after years of peace the Allied forces are disbanded. But the Soviets have waited for this moment and with strategically placed politicians, take the lead in creating the United Coalition. With the combined strength of the Allied and Japanese scientists they enhance many of the Soviet technologies creating new weapons of war.

However, unbeknownst to the United Coalition, FutureTech is not happy with the new Soviet regime and decides to keep the best of their technology for themselves. Days after FutureTech make a preemptive strike on the United Coalition a new force comes to light.

Left alone, Yuriko decided that the only way for her to exist in this world was to make it her own and take revenge on the world. Over the last 26 years she created an army in secret, using her own genetic code and cloning technology acquired from her time in the Japanese and FutureTech prisons. Taking this momentary destabilisation of the world powers to her advantage, the Children of the Sun strike. Now the world is at war, and hell has been Unleashed...

Key Features

Red Alert 3: Unleashed is a MOD for the game "Red Alert 3" by Electronic Arts.

  • A total conversion of Red Alert 3
  • 3 totally new factions
  • 77 new units
  • 48 new buildings
  • New support powers for all factions
  • 3 levels of Super Weapons

Product Specifications

  • Developer: Unleashed Team
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Category: MOD

Better add more backstory for FutureTech, because I want to know how one corporation is going toe on toe with a massive global government.

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All right, let Uncle Loner provide a handwave.

Futuretech can create matter from energy anywhere on the planet, as it's beamed from satellites. That means they can set up shop whenever, wherever they want, while the UC presumably still relies on old fashioned logistics. I think the point is that FutureTech can concentrate on one theater, while the UC takes a while to deplyo everything.

Besides, as a global government, the UC probably has no need for a large standing army. Who's there to fight, the Scrin? It can only keep it's current army operational purely for the economic stimulus, and not have it really be a strong fighting force.

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don't you know the story of RA 3 expansion it controlled all the 3 factions top technology which was a big money factory for them

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There is a bit difference between developing and controlling tech and having entire nations full or human and natural resources under your control.

Still I need to play the expansion, but thanks for the heads up.

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Yuriko seems to be reminding me a little of Yuri in RA2 here.

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Agree w/ SlayerX3.
In the first paragraph it says the Allied force was disbanded, then Allied/Japanese scientists help the Soviets in this new United Coalition, Japanese I would guess meaning the Emperor as in RA3 originally, but didnt say anything about them breaking up to join this coalition.
So if I get this right, the UC has some Allied/Emperor units mixed w/ Soviet but Soviet is the head of this coalition ?

Then yea Future Tech, no info on who/what, just they're not happy w/ the new Soviet regime .. I thought Future Tech would be part of Allies..

As for Yuriko, I think thats pretty good, not sure the significance of "26 years" other than just saying that in time she created her own army.

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