An expansion/overhaul mod of epic proportions, with entirely rebalanced gameplay, expanded factions, new gametypes, graphical overhauls, and five new factions; stealth-based Confederate Revolutionaries, tower defense-inspired Atomic Kingdom of China, economy-focused Mediterranean Syndicate, DotA-esque Order of the Talon and spammy Electrical Protectorate.

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Vikestart May 5 2009, 2:15pm says:


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Nikolai_Romanov May 5 2009, 3:53pm says:

nice job! i like this version!

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cloakeddk May 5 2009, 4:41pm says:

Are you gonna make a whole new main menu look?

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open_sketchbook Creator
open_sketchbook May 10 2009, 11:57pm replied:

You better believe it.

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Simburgur May 5 2009, 5:38pm says:

Awesome, as usual :)

EDIT: Why does posting a comment stop the song playing? :(

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Argetlam May 5 2009, 5:43pm replied:

It's because it reloads the page to display your comment :p

And I agree, it's a very cool version of an already good song !

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Vikestart May 5 2009, 6:33pm buried:


Though, I have to say that you are using too much of the same instruments over and over again. Each song reminds me of the others. Through the factions too. Variation. Make some real unique stuff :)

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ferriswheel42 Author
ferriswheel42 May 7 2009, 2:25am replied:

Thanks for the comment, and though I understand that you're doing your best to give constructive criticism, I think that it'd be best if you trusted the music with the Fuzzman and myself. The two of us have worked extremely hard to put together a soundtrack which suits the theme of each faction while keeping the whole mod feeling solid as a whole.
The choices that we make regarding instruments and sounds we use are not made lightly and have a lot of thought behind them. When I look back on other songs, like American Dawn, Forbidden City and Mobilize, and then compare them to the menu theme, I like to think they sound very different, yet complement each other in the purposes they serve individually.
Trust me, the music for this mod is in capable hands and we know what we're doing.

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Vikestart May 7 2009, 9:59am replied:

Yeah, but there are more songs than that. Just go further back in the videos archieve history :)

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Vikestart May 7 2009, 5:21pm replied:

But as I said, very good soundtrack. You made me start freezing which means I like it! =D

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MartinMb May 6 2009, 9:37pm says:

Thats just awesome ! Nice work !

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Cjslayer16 May 7 2009, 8:05am says:

I like it :) i think its great work reminds me of some of my favorite games :) which most of the time is good as it gives you that awsome feeling that its good :)

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Johnpeter May 11 2009, 6:58pm says:

I would totally get a album with all your songs!

Reply to this if you agree.

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ferriswheel42 Author
ferriswheel42 May 14 2009, 12:36pm replied:

Thanks man :D
I'll make sure there's a sound pack available for the mod. We're also considering making a small mini-album of exclusive songs (by exclusive I mean non-mod-related songs) available for like, $2-$3 to fundraise. We're hoping to rent some quality HD cameras for FMVs later on and that will require a bit of cash.

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Vikestart May 21 2009, 6:57am buried:


I would never buy songs that there is no people singing in, even it's the best I've heard.

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ferriswheel42 Author
ferriswheel42 May 21 2009, 4:21pm replied:

Well, that's quite silly.

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Johnpeter Jun 4 2009, 11:15am replied:

I actually prefer music that dosent have singing in it...

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BluishGreenPro Jun 14 2009, 12:58pm replied:

No kidding! Most of the music I like is video game music which has no words, the only words on my iPod are the names of songs and the menus!

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tatki82 Feb 11 2010, 8:23pm replied:

i buy (limewire acually) lots of songs or soundtracks you could call them from videogames and such. and btw i would pay $2-$3 for all the songs

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DeETheWraith Apr 24 2011, 5:38pm replied:

well i payed 5$ for the songs :) keep doeing good work THIS MOD IS BEST and i am big fan of it (my fav. song is Il Futuro è Adesso)

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Japandarkmaster May 11 2009, 8:36pm says:

its main sounds remind me of the main theme music in Red Alert 3

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Admiral_FCS May 14 2009, 7:06pm replied:

Well, it is based on the theme music :P

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Skydragon222 May 14 2009, 11:51pm says:

Top Notch as usual.

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Japandarkmaster May 20 2009, 6:55pm says:

you really should make more songs and have a soundtrack

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shlab May 21 2009, 8:21am says:

I found the download link
who want it?

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ferriswheel42 Author
ferriswheel42 May 21 2009, 3:00pm replied:

Ooooh! Me! Me! Pick me! I want the download link! :P

Seriously. If anyone wants any of the Paradox music, all you need to do is send a PM my way saying "please", and I'll email the songs to you.

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Japandarkmaster Jun 19 2010, 7:57pm replied:

could you send me the sountrack
thank you
email at

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shlab May 26 2009, 3:36am says:

well, I'm not allowed to type links in the comment.-v-"

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Russiafreak233 May 27 2009, 2:47pm says:

I simply LOVE the new mein menu theme!!!
It´s even better than it was before :D

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Vikestart May 28 2009, 6:37pm replied:

It's good, but I prefer the voices. Gives a depth to the song.
I don't know how to explain it....

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ferriswheel42 Author
ferriswheel42 Jun 4 2009, 3:23pm replied:

I actually just added the voices into the most recent version of the song. :D
As you said, the add a lot.

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FiremariomkiZX Jun 4 2009, 5:55pm says:

The music sounds like the Soviets will finally win the war! But will they?

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RoDNoX Jun 5 2009, 2:20pm says:

Can you upload the soundtracks pls??^^
The tracks are soo cool...^^

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MDoyle Jun 14 2009, 1:19pm says:

like this one alot,

i preffer the older one as it has a more powerful theme but i'd like this anyday.

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sgtNACHO Jun 16 2009, 3:46pm says:

It's okay I guess, but this just sounds too Final fantasy battle theme to me. I like the sped-upness to it, it makes you want to get to work, but the very light techno sounds like a nintendo game.

Sorry if it isn't what you wanted to hear :(

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T.G-Tom Jun 17 2009, 1:35am replied:

that's the problem of FL Studio, it sounds light, and technoish. Whatever you make in it

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HERPADERPII Jun 21 2009, 4:27pm says:

Am i the only one who listens to this and hears a few notes lifted from Soviet March?

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ferriswheel42 Author
ferriswheel42 Jun 22 2009, 8:12am replied:

That's 'cause it IS the Soviet March, remixed.

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sgtNACHO Jun 23 2009, 10:25am says:

You also need to think, do you want everyone to have to hear this exremely high pitched sped up sound every time they play the game? People might start getting annoyed that this freaking music is a little too in their face. They want to enjoy their sheer destructive power without the flare/techno/pop. I'd suggest going on youtube and listening to the music of past C&C games, they are a little more mello, or hardcore.but no soft bubblegum pop Red Alert that I can find

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ferriswheel42 Author
ferriswheel42 Jun 24 2009, 1:22pm replied:

I think you need to consider a few things:
1) Your opinion is very biased, and the fact that this music doesn't appeal to your exact taste isn't my problem at all. I really don't want to fill the ears of our players with bass-loaded industro-crap that Frank Klepacki puked out in the late '90s (my tastes are biased, too).
2) Paradox has a much different tone than CnC games, so it's appropriate that we stay away from that. It's still Red Alert 3, but we've made so many changes to the game that the new tracks should reflect them. The biggest difference is that the other games were produced with a budget for professionally designed music, orchestras and choirs that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per session. This music was made for free, and it's extremely hard to mimic the real thing with a budget of $0.
3) This is menu music, not enemy-stomping music. If you really don't like it, mute it.

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sgtNACHO Jul 1 2009, 5:06pm says:

Well then please provide a Mute button on the screen I can touch every time I start the game so my ears don't bleed! Thanks!

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FiremariomkiZX Sep 27 2009, 6:18pm replied:

I'm guessing, since you hear Grinder 2, Hell March III, Hell March FTTL, Hell March 2 FTTL on the title, there MIGHT be others.
But you have been given a lucky break: As of now, from what I've heard, it's impossible to put music into RA:3.

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zimon2210 Dec 11 2009, 8:31am replied:

Klepacki rocks ;>

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NixPN Jul 4 2009, 5:06pm says:

I think it needs a guitar solo xD

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Blood-Russia-Mk2 Jul 13 2009, 12:50am replied:

yeah a guitar solo would make it real badass

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peterpatat Jul 9 2009, 3:56pm says:

that is so freaking awsome!!!

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DarkyPwnz Aug 14 2009, 2:00pm says:

Singer in a song=Fail most times
and GTFO Vike,these guys are doing much more original work than your mod!

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GriffinZ Sep 14 2009, 4:43am replied:

well, the old main menu theme sounded more like Russias new anthem, wich was kinda good. (every time i start RA3 and hear the song im filled with patriotic feelings and just have to kick some capitalistic ***) But this version isn't bad, just another feeling.

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EvilConker Nov 21 2009, 10:57pm says:

This blew my mind more then five times.

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FiremariomkiZX Feb 14 2010, 6:58pm replied:


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While I can't really comment on the progress of the rest of the mod, I definitely think that it's been too long since we had a music upload. Here's the main menu theme of Red Alert 3 Paradox.

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May 5th, 2009
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