An expansion/overhaul mod of epic proportions, with entirely rebalanced gameplay, expanded factions, new gametypes, graphical overhauls, and five new factions; stealth-based Confederate Revolutionaries, tower defense-inspired Atomic Kingdom of China, economy-focused Mediterranean Syndicate, DotA-esque Order of the Talon and spammy Electrical Protectorate.

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Jun 20 2010, 5:58am Anchor

will foxholes be units with structure locomoters and armour allowing for multiple of them to be activated at the same time?
it would be a pain if you have to select them individually.


The enemy is battlehardened, experienced and are fanatics.

They believe the gods are on their side, but let them believe what they want. We have tanks on our side.

go123452 You don't wanna know
Jun 20 2010, 7:44am Anchor

What is the difference between an Ambulance and an Aid Station? Other than the fact that Ambulance only heals allied units while Aid stations heal enemy ones too.



Jun 20 2010, 8:43pm Anchor

Are you going to have a new branch of Soviet production for drones?

Jun 20 2010, 9:09pm Anchor

New questions start here.

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go123452 You don't wanna know
Jun 21 2010, 3:49am Anchor

How many Drones (soviet) do you plan to have?



Jun 24 2010, 1:59pm Anchor

How big is the Assault Lander that it can transport three tanks?

How does the Crisis Drone repair units? Some kind of reverse Leach Beam?

What are the plans for protocol changes? Was the old Chrono Evacuation idea accepted/code-able?

go123452 You don't wanna know
Jun 25 2010, 10:56am Anchor

Is the unit count for Talon wayyy to small? Or was it meant to be that small?



Jun 25 2010, 1:12pm Anchor

Is every faction meant to have 50-odd units? If so, the Confeds have a severe unit deficiency.

GriffinZ I like puppies :D
Jun 25 2010, 2:26pm Anchor

wouldn't it be easier for yu guys (the devs) if people asked their questions at another thread and if other people can't answer the question gets "promoted" to this thread, or do you need all questions to fill your cast?

Jun 25 2010, 3:27pm Anchor

Can you use the Atlas tank on infantry? If so, would the Super Mario brothers mushroom sound effect play?

Protroid Head of the Paradox Closed Beta Team
Jun 25 2010, 7:47pm Anchor

Is it possible to change the allied mission A Monument To Madness to have Ackerman use Confederate forces instead of Allied?


Quick its 2am! Do you know where your base is?

Jun 25 2010, 9:03pm Anchor

Can the Chronosphere be used on the icon? Because I can see so many ways that could be abused.

Jun 26 2010, 1:56am Anchor

Since the Chinese OCV flies, will it be more vulnerable than others?

It seems like a good way to punish rapid expanding with it without proper back-up.

go123452 You don't wanna know
Jun 26 2010, 4:27am Anchor

Is the Icon an air unit that can be hit by AG weapons, or is it a ground unit that can be hit by AA weapons (like the starcraft 2 collosus)



Jun 26 2010, 8:22am Anchor

Why are the Soviets the only faction with a stealth detecting structure?

Is the Jiang Shi still the Hulk?

Will ground units like the MCV or ore collectors that can gain veterancy by crushing have Heroic upgrades?

Does the Talon have anything at all that can deal with an Achilles?

And will the Scythe's unit quotes mention that in Soviet Russia, guns shoot you?

Jun 26 2010, 12:43pm Anchor

Why is there a gap in the paradox casts? it goes from #14 to #23 with none of the other casts inbetween.

Jun 27 2010, 8:12pm Anchor

Any chance of Paradoxcasts after first release commenting on balance and matches?

Jun 27 2010, 9:00pm Anchor

What would the major difference between a Twinblade and a Hind be, if the latter makes it in game?

Jun 28 2010, 2:46am Anchor

Will units grown by the MASS Tank be much slower and turn their turrets much more slowly, meaning terrible travel speed and vulnerability to flanking?

Is there any progress on Confederate protocols and super-weapons?

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Jun 29 2010, 9:11am Anchor

New questions start here.

Jun 29 2010, 4:24pm Anchor

are bomb truck bombs supposed to be remote or timed like in paradoxcast?
(for further debate fo here )

does the voicing go low when units are grown is that in game yet? Or is that uncoded?

did anyone notice the timer, smiley face + cross meat joints and the line 'have a nice day' disappeared from the time bomb since one of the patches?

Edited by: moretanks!!!

Jul 2 2010, 5:32pm Anchor

can the Defiant class ships attack ground targets?

Are there any favorite units that you have? if so, what are they?

Are there going to be all water/all land/all air maps? (all air meaning cliffs and other impassable terrain for ground forces)

gregester 4D61707065 722026 20436F646572
Jul 2 2010, 10:48pm Anchor

Will hotfix 1 come with anymore FMV for Therrian or the Allied guy?


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Jul 2 2010, 10:49pm This post has been deleted.
go123452 You don't wanna know
Jul 3 2010, 7:07am Anchor

Will the Auto Go and Myeche be included in Release 1?



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