South America, 2013. November 24th Fredrik Holmer. Another faceless prisoner in a crowd of drug runners and murderers, sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Karlia Rizhendo, daughter of Mendezo Rizhendo, drug lord and ruler of the entire south american underworld. But if we look closer into Fredrik's perspective, we can see a trail of lies and deceit spreading not from him, but from a much different individual, one who still roams free. For Fredrik is innocent, simply the dummy for a much more grand scheme that may plunge the nation into a civil war from which it may never return. His life in ruins, Fredrik is a man without purpose. But exactly one year after the date of the murder, he has forged a new purpose for himself. During a riot in the jail, he attempts a daring escape. If he fails, the country will follow. If he succeeds, there will be justice. Join us on Fredrik's journey, and witness true courage in the face of war, death and rebellion. This is Rebellion: source

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