R.E.A.R.M. - "Rearmament Expansion And Redesign Mod" is an unofficial Homeworld 2 expansion and it adds number of new interesting and various units.

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ArielY Sep 27 2010, 3:54pm says:

what program you use,this is professional!!
and this music is awesome,what is the name and artist?
I've already said that you rock?

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Pouk Author
Pouk Sep 27 2010, 3:55pm replied:

-Adobe Premiere
-Black Hawk Down soundtrack
-thank you

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Hawawaa Sep 27 2010, 4:24pm says:

Pouk- You know... I'm probably going to get carried away with this feature... or be killed because of it. =D
Nice work!

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spawnof2000 Sep 27 2010, 4:40pm says:

so theoretically if the letters are subystems you could destroy the name on the side of a ship? :P

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Pouk Author
Pouk Sep 27 2010, 7:03pm replied:

I've made it so you can't target it and it's basically impossible to destroy it. Letters are supposed to become a part of the ship.

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Cylon73 Sep 28 2010, 3:31am replied:

A dream come true!! I'll say KUDOS when I actually get the newest version, But This is really amazing!

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BluePotato Sep 27 2010, 5:04pm says:

wow! that must be one of the coolest things I've seen in a HW2 mod! and yes I am serious, this is way cooler than just the normal ships and maps addons :-)

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Vulpes Sep 27 2010, 5:13pm says:

Aswesome! Great idea, great realization.

You ownz Pouk. )

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Grindpantera Sep 27 2010, 5:17pm says:

"Me Too!" That was great. Naming them with subsystems never crossed my mind!

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Pouk Author
Pouk Sep 27 2010, 7:07pm replied:

I had this idea just recently. I was always trying to think of some UI overlay or something similar, but then I realized that subsystems are just perfect for the job. You'll see them on a ship, you'll see them in the taskbar. It's so simple concept I can't believe I didn't come up with it sooner.

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ThatBritishBloke Sep 27 2010, 5:22pm says:

I just checked. I need to change my pants.

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WhiteFox21 Sep 27 2010, 6:37pm says:

Are you planing to make other capitol ships nameable?

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Pouk Author
Pouk Sep 27 2010, 6:58pm replied:

Good question.

Since the Carriers and Motherships/Flagships have a full row of build buttons, I would have to either make the buttons smaller in order to add one more for the ship name, or merge modules and sensor category into one.

It is possible, but I will most likely make nameable only combat ships, like BCs, Dreadnaughts, Destroyers and combat carriers with limited building capability. Naming frigates is a waste of both mine and your effort, they just die to fast.

Which means that I'm finished on the Hiigaran side for now, so in this moment it's DD, MDD and BC, no production ships.

There's still a chance for naming production ships in the future, but definitelly not now.

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Darth_Lazarus Sep 27 2010, 6:48pm says:

best video i have ever seen ...

pouk, you are a god of homeworld :D

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ArielY Sep 27 2010, 6:52pm replied:

agree,you and mololu,and all the staff too.

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Pouk Author
Pouk Sep 27 2010, 7:18pm replied:

Without Mololu there would be no Kadeshi in REARM and without other people, their knowledge and modding tools there would be no mod.

But yeah, Mololu is a talented guy, he has some very clever ideas and he always surprises me.

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Krnt Sep 27 2010, 7:09pm says:

Coolest trailer I've seen!
Name on Ships is Awesome!

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Hell_Diguner Sep 27 2010, 8:04pm says:

WOW... So that's what you've been working on? I'm quite honestly impressed. Especially how you made each letter (subsystem) know to build itself in the next available space after the previous ones. Exactly how many character spaces are there? I counted 11 with Coming Soon, but just how many are there? Also, is there some way to erase what you have written?... in case you accidentally hit the wrong character -.-

Well put together video, if a little heavy on the puns. Timing was good, and so was the music. Black Hawk Down music hasn't been as overused as I expected it would have been.

I know it would require another 30 subsystem icons, 30 subsystem textures, 90 subsystems, 90 lines of code in build file, and editing all 228 previous entries in the build file (not making my argument looking good am I?), but have you considered the 'other' common characters? As in !@#$%^&*()-_=+[]{}/\;:'"<>,.? Or perhaps just !^*()[]/\-_.'<>? Or maybe just slap me across the head for even suggesting more characters that folks will probably only use one or two of? I dunno, I would use - and ' often myself if they were available. Those would allow for words like Sajuuk-Kar and Ts'ekkar.

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Pouk Author
Pouk Sep 27 2010, 10:18pm replied:

-not only that, lot of time consumed my REARMing of the SP campaing.
-10 letters on BC, 17 on DD.
-you can erase the letters which fits into taskbar (so you can select them), otherwise they are unselectable. Problem is that I don't want a tiny healthbar over each letter.

-Of course I though about it, but it's so much already. Maybe if someone else would be masochistic enough to do it, but this is my personal limit, I know I won't ever use those, so I won't ever work on them, this really is a very stupid kind of work you know. I would rather work on text for Vaygr or a different font, than adding more symbols.
For example this is USN font, not font common In Homeworld.
And - is already there, ' is not a bad idea, it's almost crucial in HW universe, so yeah, ' will be added.

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Erd Sep 27 2010, 11:28pm replied:

Wow, so all the new units in the campaign?

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Pouk Author
Pouk Sep 28 2010, 4:49am replied:

Here and there, I was planting new units into campaign, I was unrestricting Hiigaran units in specific missions, replacing some HW2 units with REARM units and also making it more difficult.

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Pouk Author
Pouk Sep 27 2010, 10:31pm replied:

And have you noticed the "homeworld 15"?

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Hell_Diguner Sep 28 2010, 9:51pm replied:

Dam, how did you guess the first thing I was going to do with this?

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crazyman89 Sep 27 2010, 10:09pm says:

that's a really good idea, i haven't seen that on any other HW2 mods. good work!

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Razihel Sep 28 2010, 12:19am says:

Ok... officially amazed.

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tadamir Sep 28 2010, 12:55am says:

Color me Impressed as well Pouk.
I'm so impressed I'm repeating myself across several internet locations, when one probably would have done.
And yup, I noticed the 15 reference, made me suddenly wonder if Rob C, or any of those guys have noticed your Mod, made me wonder what they might think of it.
I can see now that even if I could've found the time to make some kind of video a while back, I would be hopelessly out-classed by your skillz.
You're an inspiration.

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Pouk Author
Pouk Oct 1 2010, 10:53am replied:

I really don't think they've ever noticed the mod, but it's a nice idea. :)

And I don't want to outclass anyone, I'm still waiting for the day someone will make a video about it. It would really mean to me more than you may think.

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Ovid Sep 28 2010, 1:50am says:

I would please request the ability to name motherships. To see the Pride actually named the Pride of Hiigara would be AWESOME!

I see awesome preview movies in the future, using this mechanic.

This mod gets lots of originality points, just for this feature.

nice work!!!

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Pouk Author
Pouk Oct 1 2010, 10:48am replied:

Now it was decided that even production ships can have the names.

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AdiJager Sep 28 2010, 3:59am says:


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rafisk Sep 28 2010, 7:31am says:

Really nice work pouk!

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56er Sep 28 2010, 11:40am says:

This just made my day!

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SlovakCat Sep 28 2010, 12:34pm says:

Pouk, to je úžasný... veľmi šikovný nápad...

You definitely made my day, your mod seems to become more and more professional each time you post a promotional video or poster :P

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EAFSAgamemnon Sep 28 2010, 12:45pm says:

agamemnon nice

+3 votes     reply to comment
HenryKing Sep 28 2010, 4:34pm says:

One Word: Engenius!

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war-lord-101 Sep 29 2010, 8:18am says:

its so good it crashed my comp!

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Pouk Author
Pouk Oct 4 2010, 3:43pm replied:

how and why did it crash?

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Su[)az][mA Sep 29 2010, 1:11pm says:

really amazing pouk! would never think of smth like this :O

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JohnPK Oct 17 2010, 2:27pm says:

you enjoy too much for do a normal video lol
great idea

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Reynard Nov 2 2010, 10:13am says:

Excellent idea!

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ExtremeWaffles1 Apr 19 2011, 6:37pm says:


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It's a tiny feature (tiny to you, more than two days of repetitive work to me), but I believe it's definitelly worth it:

Naming your ships.
Now that's something I always (really) wanted to do, but until now I didn't know how.
I believe some of you will like it (honestly, to me it has a great value, I always loved naming my combat units in games where it was possible). Those who won't like it shouldn't have a problem it, if it's not used it's almost hidden. And it has no real value to the fight (unless you want to literally use it for messaging with your ally or provoke your enemy :D ), so it won't affect you in any way if you don't want it.

For those who are interested: Think about multiplayer or the SP campaign when the ship comes from mission to mission. Think about naming them just for sake of pure recognition (when this will be on Modular Destroyers for example). Think about all those silly names or swearwords you'll try to use.
I know, it's just a toy, you probably won't be using it frequently, in the heat of battle you won't have any time for a feature with no actual benefit, but to me it's a nice detail and certainly a good thing to have.

And a line for 10 or 17 letters, how hard could it be, right?
Well let me tell you what needed to be done:
-228 subsystems
-38 subsystem textures
-38 subsystem icons
-1826 lines of 228 entries in the build file

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Sep 27th, 2010
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