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Realism Mod by Kalle-Erik Vähäkylä, Markus Lumme and Mari Lepola.

Current Version: 0.9b
Contrary to what I thought, I had motivation to make more of this. I decided to make a version that is compatible with the patch 1.11.3. Enjoy, but this is only a beta, as the patch changed many things, and the whole system of accuracy changed. This version has too accurate guns, but atleast it works. I'm working to make a more realistic approach to the accuracies.

Here it is, folks. A mod that modifies all the ranges, speeds, accuracies and weapons.


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I'll try to add more mirrors later.

0.9b Changelog:

-Modified the mod to make it combatible with the patch 1.11.3. Small tweaks and tunes.
-Cannons are too accurate while the vehicle is moving, I am trying to repair this. The new patch of the game changed the way the accuracy works, so I have to redo all the old files for these accuracies.
-Modified the kits of the soldiers to give them more ammo, for example a russian rifleman now has more than 17 bullets while he goes to the battle.
-Almost all the kits are changed in a way or two.
-I'm gonna correct many other things for the version 1.0, but I released this almost-ready version for you to play it. It is not as good as it should be, but atleast you can use it with 1.11.3

0.3b Changelog:

Some examples, not all:

-Weapon speeds modified once again, now a bit slower.
-Cannons are A LOT more accurate, now tanks don't miss anymore so often.
-Cannons keep their penetration value for longer distances, so you can still knock out tanks at 700 meters. (Only for single player for now, update will follow soon)
-Lots of small modifications to inventories, riflemen have more ammunition, US Machinegunners have the BAR, not the Bren,
german officers have mp40-smg's and many other similar. (Found bug: Only the german officer has an smg, not other nation's officers"
-Many of the penetration values have been changed to represent more realistic values.
-Some small vision tweaks, however, there are still lots to do.

Some changes, not all:

-M1 Garand and M1 Carbine now fire semiautomatic, quite fast and both kill with few shots.
-M1 Thompson has only 20 bullets in a mag, like most of them had.
-All the bolt-action rifles fire lot more faster now.
-Example: Range for the K98k German rifle is now about 1 kilometer, not 70 meters.
-All the other ranges are also modified.
-Stg 44 is a lot more better now, like a real rifle.
-Weapons kill faster
-Speed of the bullets are modified. Now it does not take a forever to reach the target. A sniper round goes instantly to 200 meters. From 700 meters there is a minor slowdown, like in the real life.
-Mg42 now really fires about 1245 bullets per minute, just like the real thing. Not some lazy 500 rounds per minute.
-DSHK is a beast now. Accurate, deadly and loud. It really is a beast.
-Many of the fire rates have been modified. Thompson has a 800-1000rpm, while the Grease Gun m3 has only 300-400rpm.

Many, many other changes.

Ask and I will answer. Help and support is accepted. I also take some suggestions for future.
I made it with my friend Markus Lumme and my fiancee Mari Lepola, so half of the thanks go to him and her.

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Realism Mod 0.9b

Realism Mod 0.9b

Full Version

A new patch for the mod. Works with the Men of War patch 1.11.3

Realism Mod 0.3

Realism Mod 0.3

Demo 5 comments

The last version, 0.3b, of the Realism Mod. Look into Readme before installing.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 13)

I know this mod is really really old but, I need a Gore mod for my Video on Faces of War... Does this add Gore too? Assault Sqaud doesn't work, only Men of War or Faces of War does and I tried GSM and that did not work (units from Men of War not in Faces of War)

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Megaupload is dead, and 2shared says it doesn't exist... What now?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i tried to use this mod and now it says there are "defines not found" and says that theres missing shell caliber files.

i have the new patch.

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the realism mod dosent suport the red tide mod. can you developed version that will suport red tide? i would like to use the red tide vechiles with the realism mod in the gem editor.

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indeed, me too

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Kalle-ErikVähäkylä Creator

After a bit of work has been done, I'm going to release the 1.0 version. That is gonna be the first polished and almost balanced version of this mod. All the accuracy inconsistencies and such are eliminated in that one. You just have wait for a bit.

That will also be fully compatible with the multiplayer aspect of the game.

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while i mess around on gem editor, it seems to me that the tiger is unstoppable. i had been shooting at its rear for a good like 5 mins with a m4a2... no impregnibility is on or anything! its mad weird

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Lol i was playing a mission and it make all guns freaking snipers they shoot from half the map across and **** up my guys but I was playing on hard maybe thats why but eh

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Kalle-ErikVähäkylä Creator

And no, It aint dead. Here we are again, just had some minor slowdowns.

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Kalle-ErikVähäkylä Creator

Well, I have shot a real bolt action k98 for example, and I can tell you that you can fire one a lot more faster than you could in the game.

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