RCOM or 'Realistic' 'Combat' 'Overhaul' 'Mod' is a mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Call of Pripyat that aims to bring in a greater emphasis on realism. Additionally porting 'Clear sky' Levels to 'Call of Pripyat' which have been filled with new A-Life and content.

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Dynamic NPC Weapon Distribution System
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Hmm, that is an interesting idea and the last paragraph in your description canceled my doubts.

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Fantastic work mac, as always. I like the steps taken to prevent this feature ruining the game and making it horribly unbalanced. Can't wait to try this out!!!

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MacBradley Author

@Predator_828: I'll send it to you once its where I want it. I want to make sure its running properly, and make sure its well organized in a way that is easy to modify.

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Nice, I was hoping this'd be in the mod. While playing Redux I remember seeing a member of a group of Stalkers toting an RPG right at the start of the game, which made me smile. Weapon variation definetely makes things more interesting, and your system sounds like it could add a lot to the overall experience.

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RCOM uses a script that randomly assigns weapons to NPCs, but within certain constraints and influenced weights. What this means, is that NPC's will not have pre-defined load-outs when the game starts. Instead, they will be given their weapons and items with a certain probability that is also influenced by:

- NPC Faction
- NPC Rank
- Level
- Random Influence

This system allows for every STALKER to have a unique load-out, and every player to have a different set of NPC's compared to another player.

Also, issues of a completely random load-out system (ex: first novice stalker you find has same chance as a Master Merc to have an FN2000) are avoided using the weight system.

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