Short single-player mod trying to capture the feel of HL2 and City 17.

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It's very well detailed and offers some nice scenery to explore and fun, tight combat. However, it ends abruptly without much of a payoff :(


It's good. Entertaining gameplay that mixes lots of action and some puzzle solving (very minimal for the most part). Areas are very detailed, and the city areas look great. I do have a complaint with the graphics however, and that's the intensity of the bloom effect. Lowering the effect through the console or disabling it from the options menu is recommended. Mod is also really short (players are gonna take half an hour at most to complete).


Welp, I played this mod expecting some City 17 action and I got exactly that. It was shorter than I expected though, and for some reason I couldn't bring up the console. Other than that, very nicely done.

Looks good. DLing now.


Olego says

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A very short mod, but it makes great use of a small map. My only complaint was that I had to use a walkthrough to figure out that I needed to shoot a barrel to open a gate--very unintuitive.

A lot of mod packed into such a short time!
Second play using the newer version, the bloom seemed better, but still an issue at times. Otherwise a great play. Lots to explore and kill but a bloom issue gave me trouble seeing the sniper! But I had a great time taking down the strider and I even found new nooks to hide in!
A well-balanced mod starting with brainpower and ending with rocket power!


Not bad.


zonbie says

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This short but sweet map packs a lot into a little.

-Excellent indoor areas!! The apartments feel cramped but not frustrating. There is very little to "trip on" in terms of loose props and/or furniture. Awesome multi-level exploration with amazing attention to details.
-Fun with rebel squads!! Combat with rebels is always fun.
-Cool puzzle!!

-Weak beginning and ending!! I disliked the opening location from a technical aspect. The artificial fog generated frame rate problems for me and it clipped into brushes. I think the ending was too sudden. I should have been permitted to walk all the way up the final route before the fade to black.
-Unsatisfactory lighting throughout!! I really disliked the bloom I experienced throughout the mod. The outdoor sunny areas were very bright and took away from the art of the scenes. The indoor light entities were creating "blobs" of light on the walls, also reducing the experience.
-Too easy!! I played on hard mode and did go below 50% health, nor did I ever run out of ammo. Let's just say there was very little to fear in this mod.


For this mods length, it is amazing, its got realy great puzzles and combat scenes, the weaponry is well dispersed and the music well placed. The mapping is also amazing, with no area looking bland and with lots to explore without just walking down a linear road. Very well done 9/10. If this mod was longer(about as long as Dangerous World) I would deffinately give it 10/10 I hope that you will one day make a mod that is like this but of greater length, it would be perfect.



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