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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
We would like to thank everyone for your continued support! We have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, comments, questions, job applications, business proposals, and advice. While we are attempting to respond to everyone in a timely manner, we are also working on our next big update, in which we hope to significantly increase our audience. We appreciate your patience! In the mean time, we have a little Halloween treat.

Throughout the years we have had a great amount of support from our fellow Source modders and indie game developers. We are proud to be recognized for the quality of our artistic direction and we would love to thank all those who have supported us in the past with something special.

If we reach our initial funding goal we will release a map from the Raindrop mod version, ported to a popular Source game of your choice!

Vote on your favorite map, and choose from a range of Source games.

Since there are a variety of Source games out there, game play will change drastically depending on the title.

You will be free to use our models, textures, and all of the content in the map in which ever way you desire.

Learn how we constructed our levels by loading our map into Hammer editor.

Experience our first public playable Source build.

In order for us to make this a possibility, we would need to invest a large amount of time polishing and porting a map into the targeted game. Clearly this would only be possible if we reach our initial goal, since currently it is more important to allocate time towards developing Raindrop in Unity instead. As always, if you want to delve further behind the scenes of Raindrop, check out the Re-hydration logs with dissections of environment breakdowns and level design overviews. Here we demonstrate and share the layered process of developing Raindrop.

Check us out on Steam Greenlight!

Thank you and please stay tuned for more updates!

Environmental Teaser

Environmental Teaser

2 years ago News 5 comments

The time has come to show our progress. We have released our first environmental trailer for Raindrop, developed in Unity3D.

Raindrop has gone indie

Raindrop has gone indie

2 years ago News 26 comments

Raindrop is a surreal, environment driven, first-person survival game that includes fully explorable levels, with intuitive and complex puzzles, backed...

Teaser time!

Teaser time!

5 years ago News 71 comments

Finally some long awaited ingame footage of Raindrop, to thank our fans and everyone who voted for us on MOTY 2009.

Счастливого Рождества!

Счастливого Рождества!

6 years ago News 13 comments

Merry Christmas to you all! We've got a new profile image, screenshots (what else?) and an outlook to the near future.

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Z-O-M-B-I-E Feb 12 2012 says:

Is it possible to get the lighting settings light_env? (

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NNihad Creator
NNihad Jan 13 2012 says:

Dear Friends,

I am very sorry about the confusion which is going on. I was very surprised, when I saw how much activity still was going on here.
I was inactive for a while and haven't realized in what direction this was going.
As you can imagine, this new "gameplay" video wasn't even shown to me before it was posted here. That alone tells you that the team isn't how it was before.
There has been much disagreement and tension. Most of us have to work or study. Most of us simply had to set priorities.
Since I am the founder of this project back in 2008, I can also put an end to this story rightnow. I lost it out of my hands and don't even have control over this page anymore. I'm really sorry for those of you who anticipated our project and supported us.
I am a bit sad aswell
as you can imagine, I worked on those sceneries in my freetime, put my heart and soul into them. Now I work full-time doing 3d/2d motion graphics and screen designs.
There's not much freetime anymore... This project is on hold. I would like the admins to archive this, so nobody can post news and promises that don't hold anything.

But don't think this is the end. All the artists are still alive (including me) and we are pondering...

Thank you for your understanding.

Nihad aka MD

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VagrantPostman Creator
VagrantPostman Jan 31 2012 replied:

Hey, yeah, what Nihad said. Ansgar and I were trying to resume whatever work we could, just a bit of greyboxing here and there until I could get some real work done level-wise. But it seems as though he got pretty busy, and I got wrapped up in some other work, not to mention I haven't had a chance to sit down and create any real assets.
Really, though, IMO it was the typical failed mod project. Too much ambition, disagreement, disorganization, and no working code or animations. Totally a failure from the start. Everyone has that experience, I guess it's part of starting in game development, but it can be sad to watch things not work out.

Regarding the archive, already took care of it.

Now...ahem. Everyone go watch the openOutcast page ;).

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MrSaturdayKnight Jan 17 2012 replied:

You work on it when you wanna work on it. We can wait I dont care if it takes years for it to resume to what you guys (the founders) had put into Raindrop. Honestly the recent video was dissappointing, it didnt have that charm and atmosphere like nailivic said.

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RMax Feb 3 2012 replied:

I agree with Nailivic, I poured my heart and soul into this mod from the start. In fact, I remember when I didn't even know how to model low-polygon assets for the Source Engine, but I learned quickly by following in MasterDonut's footsteps. The project seemed overly ambitions, but thats due to the fact that there was a lack of man power, and soon after that, motivation. If anything, I believe that we should "re-design" Raindrop to be released as a smaller Source mod, being that we still have a good chunk of maps and props completed. In my honest opinion, since I have been playing mods for the past 7 years of my life (and making games for 5 years), I think that the players and followers should be dynamically involved with the development of mods by sharing and inputting ideas, but sometimes Dev's get stubborn, due to their enlarged egos. Either way, I want my work to be public, and not fragment on some hard drive.... And since VagrantPostman plugged his current project, Ya'll should check out Contagion @

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dufake Feb 9 2012 replied:

It's not an easy task to recruit a capable team you need.(Superior talent in need)
We need a coder, a project leader and any kinds of help we could possibly imagine.

One of the questions is the engine. What's its status?

What kind of modified Source engine does this initial Raindrop need?
For example :

Black Mesa
Ivan's Secret
City 17 episode one

I'll be very sad if something bad happens to those assets.
Art should not be buried under the ash.

+1 vote     reply to comment
nailiviC Jan 16 2012 replied:

No Master Donut, no bLiN_de, no Raindrop. I really hope the game doesn't move forward without you two, cuz you guys were the heart and soul of what made Raindrop so amazing. Master Donut's concepts and level design filled with bLiN_de's 3D models made this game the much anticipated saga that we all know. The recent video posted showed none of the surreal atmosphere and stark realism that you two put together.

Do Raindrop right, or don't do it at all.

p.s. I know I'm not a ModDB regular, but I've been following this game pretty closely since it's beginning.

+7 votes     reply to comment
TaylorMoe Jan 16 2012 replied:

Well said NailiviC, I agree completely.

+3 votes     reply to comment
TaylorMoe Jan 15 2012 replied:

Thanks for the heads up Nihad, as an avid follower of Raindrop since the beginning I'm sad to see it die, at least the founders version of it. Hope your future work goes well and I'll be happy to follow any project of yours. Good luck!

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56er Jan 11 2012 says:

Hm, I'm not so sure about this. Will you still produce a game that has a feeling like the Video "The lower Depths" showed me. I liked those, quit atmospheric and rough, still very Metro and Stalkeri-isch. I really hoped for a revivall of Raindrop, but what game do you really trying develop? Is it still the same as when I hit "track this game" with fever in my veins for this awesome looking, well sounding game(-preview)?

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VagrantPostman Creator
VagrantPostman Jan 11 2012 buried:



-8 votes   reply to comment
56er Jan 12 2012 replied:

Can you give me any other explanation for this than just a no? I don't want to be rude - but the latest video seems to be CE3, while the top of your mod page still states that you are developing a HL² Mod. Also, instead of an atmospheric interior level, with a custom AK, and good textures and sounds, all you show us are those messy outside textures, a AR from Crysis 2 and some AI shooting you down several times from a distance.
This doesn't seem to be a step forward imo. :(

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VagrantPostman Creator
VagrantPostman Jan 12 2012 buried:


It isn't.

It's a technical demo. Cheers!

-8 votes   reply to comment
dufake Jan 20 2012 replied:

To be honest, it doesn't reach commercial standard.
I'll wait for the next media release.

I'm still curious about how AI will act in Raindrop.

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