A semi-episodic short form single player experimental alt mod for HL2:Ep2 trying to bridge the gaping canyon between Tale of Tales and commercial game design.

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A beautiful mod that presents a very enjoyable change from more "typical", gameplay-oriented pieces (not to say those can't be enjoyable, of course. It's just that this mod, to me, was a great and unexpected experience). Certainly deserves attention.

makes you really think about homosexuals.

it moved me, emotionally (a hard challenge for many against me) and you did it. it made me even weep a little, i loved it and hope you get on with the rest, love it and hope more emotional based mods to come...

One word: BRILLIANT.
I cannot wait for issue number 3!

An absoloutelly amazing mod, be prepared to play the same art alot tough

Wow, simply wow... Waiting for part 3...

the most epicest game i have ever seen really good at using the EP3 base

Great mod. I loved every minute of it.

Second one was great. first one was only so-so.

It's art.

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