A semi-episodic short form single player experimental alt mod for HL2:Ep2 trying to bridge the gaping canyon between Tale of Tales and commercial game design.

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Radiator is a series of experimental semi-episodic short-form single player mods for Half-Life 2: Episode 2... and the second release is out.

Posted by Radiatoryang on Jul 14th, 2009

Radiator is a series of experimental semi-episodic short-form single player mods for Half-Life 2: Episode 2 with unorthodox gameplay mechanics used to artistic ends - the first person shooter without any shooting. It follows a semi-episodic release schedule: each "volume" is divided into three (3) issues released over several, uh, months.

Radiator 1-2, Handle with Care Radiator 1-2, Handle with Care

Issue 2 of Volume 1 is Handle With Care, in which you're struggling to repress stressful memories while your worthless husband moans and whines to that equally worthless marriage counselor. (Includes Radiator 1-1 (Polaris) for an all-in-one package of arthouse pretension!)

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Santechnikas Jul 14 2009 says:

This mod is SO awesome

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Zlandael Jul 14 2009 says:

Awesome! Downloading.

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Armageddon104 Jul 14 2009 says:

Awesome mod! Downloading now!

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Armageddon104 Jul 14 2009 replied:

That was amazing... Thats all I can say. Amazing...

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iwillldstroyu Jul 14 2009 says:

How do you beat L3 ARGH

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Radiatoryang Author
Radiatoryang Jul 14 2009 replied:

Put the box on the shelf, then climb up into the shelf somehow, and then pull the box up with you. Or you can try to do some sort of buggy jumping thing with the ladder - but in real-life can you hold a crate while climbing a ladder? Not really.

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Kanden Jul 14 2009 says:

I dont really understand this Mod. Can anyone explain me what to do?

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107th_Raven Jul 14 2009 says:

That is art that moves.

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Da_Gamer911 Jul 14 2009 says:

I really like how you put so much meaning into these mods, where they just make you sit and think about what everything means. To anyone who is wondering what this mod is, imagine Braid made into a Half Life 2 mod. Am I right into thinking that this issue was about how the mind can tell you to do something other than what you know is right and you can choose whether to follow your heart or your mind?

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Camcidgos Jul 14 2009 says:


A box pops up stating: Please wait while Steam verifies game files

Then another box states:

Steam - Error The Steam servers are currently too busy to handle your request.
Please try again in a few minutes.

You click OK and your left back at the Steam My games box and no chance of playing the game !

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Camcidgos Jul 14 2009 says:

Waited for a while, rebooted and tried again. . . same PROBLEM again

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Camcidgos Jul 14 2009 says:

Waited for a while, restarted Steam.....same PROBLEM yet again

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Alvar_Hanso Jul 14 2009 says:

Very, very good. 10/10 for the second time.

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havepie Jul 14 2009 says:

Wow, that was a masterpiece, I think I got teary near the end. Its not so much a game as it is an interactive story, a good story, where you get to fill in the puzzle with you imagination, everything so breath taking. The music, the story, the interactivity. I think this might be one of the greatest half life mods ever conceived.

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Hermes-Conrad Jul 14 2009 says:

i dont unserstand this AT ALL!!!!

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BioWarsProductions Jul 14 2009 says:

sounds like its a good mod, but is it really? :P

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PhyOS Jul 14 2009 replied:

Download it and play it by yourself, you'll see it is.

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BlueWolf72 Jul 14 2009 says:

Congratulations to Campaignjunkie with the release of Radiator episode 2. Without a doubt this is one 'awesome' experience. That is, if you're interested in gay marriage counseling. This particular episode has you enter your gay partners brain and break crates to unearth memories. If this sounds like your cup of tea, give it a try!

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Jesternz08 Jul 14 2009 replied:

thanks for the heads up bluewolf :)

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Da_Gamer911 Jul 14 2009 replied:

You dont have to break the crates, you can submit to your mind and suppress the memories, ignoring what your [the players] heart is telling you is true

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Frednol Jul 19 2009 replied:

yeah, I wasn't sure what the right thing was, so half way though putting the boxes in place I just started smashing them to see what happens.

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Fiasco Jul 14 2009 says:

Fantastic, very emotional, loved it.

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Master_Of_Hiddenry Jul 14 2009 says:

Beautifully done and stunningly original. Got kind of confused by the response system (positive if you break the box, negative if you don't), but figured out I had to put the boxes in the right place to get the positive ending (if it is supposed to be positive). I can't wait for the next release!

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Ennui Jul 14 2009 says:

Well done campaignjunkie.

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JurgenKnops Jul 15 2009 says:

What Fiasco says.., very emotional. Great work :-)!

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PhyOS Jul 15 2009 says:

It's incredibly good. I wonder what to do with the crate X9...

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BillsterJ Jul 15 2009 says:

Games like this make me excited about where the medium is heading. It's interesting that people keep bringing up on varying forums about how they felt "uncomfortable" being placed in a "gay" role, but the game doesn't make homesexuality the focus. I saw the game as predominantly a look into how hard our minds must work to avoid confronting truth; how sometimes the right thing to do is to not repress emotion even if it means destroying what we think we want. Homosexuality is a character trait of the protagonist, not the driving force of the gameplay, the plot, or the meaning.

But then again, Dylan being gay is so wonderful in it's subtle subversion. I mean, the "gameplay" is in effect, just stacking boxes. The game is not trying to directly confront the social, political, and personal consequences of being gay. In fact, the only way you "know" your character is gay is because their name is a masculine Dylan. But by merely placing the player outside of their comfort zone, by casting them as a character who may not be "them," the game becomes a wonderful experiment in empathy. Just to quote from another commenter, "Because, if the player is not themselves gay, they're likely to spend the whole game completely out of character." To invert this question, how must it feel for a gay person to play 99% of games that feature only heterosexual relationships? How do you think the gay community feels being forced only in to heterosexual roles, being "completely out of character" as you put it?

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Mirellanmal Feb 14 2011 replied:

you're brilliant

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BillsterJ Jul 15 2009 says:

(Post Part 2)

This game does a great job of subverting homophobic gamer culture by confronting it indirectly, by merely including it. It's only a "shock" because it's there, not because the game is going out of it's way to be controversial.

Other mediums like movies, books, music routinely feature protagonists from different races, genders, sexualities, etc. But by and large, video games predominantly feature heterosexual, white protagonists (especially in the FPS genre.) Video games should not only increase the diversity of it's main characters to better represent an increasingly diverse audience, but also because the video game medium is in a unique position to create empathy in it's audience. To literally take a walk in another's shoes.

I applaud this game and look forward to the next episode.

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havepie Jul 15 2009 says:

Now that I think about it, I think this mod is so amazing because of the pure depth of interactivity and realism you put into making every detail so lifelike, The small things are what matter, Gaming doesn't get masterpieces like this very often, I'm glad to be somewhat apart of such a amazing atmosphere as this game.

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longshanksAOC Jul 15 2009 says:

Your stuff is really inspirational, keep up the great work with your creative style of narrative and I'll be anxiously awaiting your next installment. Maybe other modders will realize from your work how great storytelling and simple gameplay can make something just as impressive as a total conversion mod in development for years.

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Ekonk Jul 16 2009 says:

Win. Very, very much. Shooting various reskinned combine in the face is fun, but nothing beats an experiment like this.

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MrSunabouzu Jul 17 2009 says:

That was pretty awesome, but if you break the last box after you "beat" it you can wander around a movie studio looking area and see all the other memories, so was dylan an actor or something?

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Robotico_Red Jul 17 2009 says:

I get the Valve intro that we see for Episode 2 (the big guy with the valve in the back of his head) in a large window. That window will close after the intro finishes, but the mod fails to load after it.

Yes, I have Half Life 2 Episode 2 installed and I have played it.

What could be going wrong?

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spellman23 Jul 17 2009 says:

huh. excellent symbolism.

I wonder what happens if you manage to repress all the memories?

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kinesis916 Jul 18 2009 says:

Interesting. Shall have to take a gander at this.

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4CH! Jul 23 2009 says:

Ill try that !

+1 vote     reply to comment
St.Penguin Aug 4 2009 says:

Thanks for this.

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medve Aug 25 2009 says:

great modding skills there, but i have to say it was irritating to be a gay guy.

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Rikachu Sep 27 2009 says:

What the heck do I do with X9???

Awesome mod btw, had a lot of fun with it.

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JohnnyMaverik Dec 15 2009 says:

> What the heck do I do with X9???


I ended up running down the exit with it... might go back and brake it and see what happens.

Really interesting mod though, very challenging, but very forfilling at the same time.

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aqwerf Apr 13 2010 says:

This is one of the few mods that brings not the usual variety in the world of half-life. after I downloaded this mod just thought that the glory of God, this is not the type of "kill them all!
super mod!

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TheMarshmallowBear Jan 12 2011 says:

Amazing mod, :) really thank Desura for discovering this :D

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