Ya3dag is based on the quake 2 modification Quake2maX and the lazarus game dll. Want to create your own levels? Well, you've come to the right place. Ya3dag has a built-in "what you see is what you get" level-editor and has been specifically designed for rapid level creation. Terrain, smart NPC's, weather, physic simulation, ...

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Aug 20th, 2012
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Game modification demo 'Lego playground', support for multiple games, configurable main menues, reworked splatter drawing, ...

Release Notes Ya3dag V1.40

Summary of changes for the update of Ya3dag V 1.40.


* Map 'Lego playground'Lego challenge
This is a 'game modification demo'.
This level has it't own game directory. It can be
selected from the main menu by 'Games'.
This level features
* Lego player models and weapons from the
'Lego Carnage Pro' package. This is a Quake3
modification (the creator is not known to me).
* LetGo texture pack from BerneyBoy.
A Lego styled texture pack.


* Added the possibility to select between different games
or modifications.
* A game/modification has it't own subdirectory
* This directory must hold a
* GameConfiguration.txt file
* GameImage.jpg
* The new main menu entry 'Games' allows switching between
the games/modifictions.
This entry is only offert if there are two or more
games/modifications existing.
* There must be one games/modifications existing
for Ya3dag to startup.
* If there is only one games/modifications at startup,
this one will be selected for playing.

* GameConfiguration.txt file
* Specififes text strings for the game to select.
* Customize the main menu of a game/modification.

* Rearranged directories for better support of mulitple
* Moved the .qtr files (the terrain levels) from the
subdirectory 'maps' to the subdirectory 'levels'.
* Moved many files/subirectories from 'RRGame' to 'BASEQ2' subdirectory.
'BASEQ2' is holds files for all games/modifications.
'RRGame' holds only modifacation specific files.
* Reorganized mapmodels in subdirectories.

PLEASE: keep the syntax to help to manage all the things in the editor
* The mapmodel .bsp filename should begin with PF (like prefab)
to have a difference to real maps.
Some of the mapmodel entities support up to three levels of subdirectories.

Please use this name for subdirectories.
* ModXXX Mapmodels.
XXX is a shortcut for the modification/game.
ModCommon is used for the 'xxx/BASEQ2/maps' maps directory.
The models here are availible for all modifications/games.
* LightsXXX Mapmodels used as light sources.
XXX is a shortcut for the modification/game.
LightsCommon is used for the 'xxx/BASEQ2/maps' maps directory.
The models here are availible for all modifications/games.
* FxXXX Models for 'func_xxx' entities.
No further subdirectores are allowed here.
Example: The models for 'func_button' are inside the
subdirectory 'FxButton'.


* Postprocessing effect sepia filter.
If the menu is activated during gameplay, the game background is
colored with a sepia filter.

* Adjust screen FOV angles for wide screen displays.

* Optimized display of subdivided surfaces. All triangles
are drawn in one mesh (and not as many polygons).

* Reworked splatter drawing
* Splatter textures new support normal and depth textures.
* Splatters are drawn faster
* Splatters can overlap

* Circle shadow of entities depent from sizefactor of
model (before there was the same shadow size for
different sized models).


* The keys 'Ctrl S' save the current map.
Show a messagebox with text "Saving done" for 2 seconds
as visual feedback.

* Minimap of the editor, the view direction (white arrow)
reflects also the scene view.

* Moving opjects with the numpad cursor keys is now done
in view direction. After move, the objects position are
rounded to multiple of 1 unit.

* quake2RR.ent
Changed 'filedef' to have on line in place of three lines

filedef "FilesItemRecipe"
"gamedata/Recipe*.txt" "file selection"
"gamedata/" "part1 to skip, at the begin"
".txt" "part2 to skip, at the end"

is changed to

filedef "FilesItemRecipe"
"gamedata/Recipe*.txt;gamedata/;.txt" "file selection;skip at begin;skip at end"

* Reworked splatter drawing
* Editor cursor for 'splatter set' action
shows the splatter (preview)
* One of the editor drawing flags marks the
splatter center so it's easier to remove/overwrite a splatter

* Seleted, marked or viedwed enities get an extented minmax-box.
This is handy for better alingment of the entities in the world.
Can be switched on/off by a checkbox inside the editor GUI.


* Reworked operators (precedence was from left to right).
Operator precedence and associativity as known from
the C programming language.
Added unary operators.

Operators Associativity Remark
- + ! ~ Right to left unary operators
* / % .. Left to right
+ - Left to right + also string concatination
<< >> Left to right
< <= > >= Left to right also string compare
== != Left to right also string compare
& Left to right
^ Left to right
| Left to right
&& Left to right
|| Left to right Lowest Precedence

* Move distance of monsters or actors also depents from
sizefactor of model. A model with a sizefactor of 2
moves with doubled speed now.

* Actor weapons
* Added 3 lightsaber, 2 knifes and 5 swords to the NPC weapons.
Give the weapon to the NPC at startup.
* 'Lightning blue' and 'Lightning red'
Quake 3 actors have a weapon model (a light sphere) in
the hand of the NPC now.
* Two weapons can be assigned to an actor.
One for near range combat and one for for range compat.

* New status test's
* 'HaveFollowPlayer' is true if the actor follows a player
* 'HaveFollowAny' is true if the actor follows a player or an other actor
==> Tuned 'follow player' support.

* Waypoint walking optimized.
Keep networks of connected waypoints. Start and targer waypoint
must be on the same network.


* Added three different colored lightsabers as new player weapons.

* In-Game Minimap
Health items are shown as a heart.

* bullet physics, Changed from Version 2.77 to 2.79

* _modelconfig.txt
* New optional entry
NamesFile xxx ; A Names_xxx.txt file for automated name generation
If the actors 'namemake' field is set to 'Automatic' for this actor
the Names_xxx.txt file (from the gamedata directory) is used for
automated name generation.
* New optional entry
weapon_offset o1 2 o2 ; player model offset to tag_weapon (a x/y/z vector)
compensate tag_weapon postions for player models

* GameIntro.cfg files.
* New keyword 'SizeIn'. Images or textstrings can
be flagged to grow in size until final size is reached.
* New keyword 'TurnIn'. Images cn be flagged to rotate
until final position is reached.

* trigger_push entity
Can operate in two modes.
a) target it to an other entity (info_notnull)
b) push in direction given by yaw angle (Ya3dag's editor shows
this with an arrow above the trigger box) or set one
of the spawnflags up/down bits.

* trigger_actor entriy.
A new entity. Triggers actors which walk into the trigger.
The target name the trigger_actor is handed to the [ActorUsed]
script section of the actor.
Only usable for actors with a script.


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Ya3dag V1.40
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