In Rebellion, you play as Mandella, colonel in the Confederation, a powerful military force. At the beginning, you explore the mothership as you're asked by admiral Spade to attend your briefing. You'll discover that you're part of the first attack wave sent to storm Tor29, a little colony lost in the Nephele system. Accompanied by your best friend, major Threepwood, you'll face an oddly weak resistance. Why does the Confederation unleash its wrath on a colony that is clearly of no match? What hides behind this conflict driven by doubtful justifications? These obscure reasons are not to please you and Threepwood. Will you carry on following blindly an authority fouled by power and arrogance? Or will you break your former links and embrace a cause that seems fairer to you, however desperate it may be? Maybe these are favourable times for... Rebellion.

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Overall it was a decent mod. Working with the combine on your side(allbeit a short time) was fun and for the most part the voice acting was good. There were a few drawbacks though, the level design felt somewhat bland and some of the voice actors were difficult to understand, mainly Mandera and Threepwood. The mod also ended rather abruptly and was somewhat short. It was still quite a fun mod though.

Good points: Good mapping, interesting and unique storyline, great cutscenes.

Bad Points: Voice acting was just okay. There could have been other models for the characters because I kept getting them confused with the ones from HL2. At one point it took me forever to figure out where to go.


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