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Take yourself back to before the Rings of Power, and the fall of Numenor, to the beginning, when evil's first seeds began to stir. In this modification for BFME2, your entire world will be taken back to the First Age of Arda, where the Dark Lord Morgoth waged a war on the other Valar of Middle-earth, and the whole land was shaken and torn asunder. Play as the evil fallen one's army's commander, or fight to defend your civilisation as Elves, Dwarves or Men, and end this war of wrath and destruction! Be sure to check our new website for in-depth news and updates!

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Gothmog and their Balrogs (Games : Battle for Middle-earth II : Mods : From Book to Game - Quenta Silmarillion : Forum : New Upgrades/Powers : Gothmog and their Balrogs) Locked
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Jan 21 2012 Anchor

Maybe a final Power for Angband(for 25 pp)

Summon 7 (or9) Balrog and their leader Gothmog for a short time.
(Gothmog maybe more powerfull and biger than the others,and you shuld give him some leadership ability for the Balrogs)

Jan 22 2012 Anchor

No, not as a power, but at least 3 individual Balrogs will be recruitable as Heroes, at a VERY high cost. Although as yet this plan is not definite, one of the suggestions is to have a power to summon Morgoth, and respective Valar for each Good Faction, instead of as Heroes. What do you think?

The 3 (at least) Balrogs will be Gothmog, Lungorthin and Kosmoko (Balrog of Moria). They will, most likely, be recruitable from a 'Balrog Pit' of some sorts, where other fire-based Maiar can be recruited.

Jan 22 2012 Anchor

I agree with you.It's a good idea.
Just a question:Can you make a new "skin" for Gothmog?(or you use the old texture?)

Jan 27 2012 Anchor

FellbeastIII has already made a model for gothmog.

Jan 27 2012 Anchor

Ahh good news :D

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