Quake3 Hopper is a generic executable that activates special bot AI for all mods that have been available so far as well as original Quake3 Arena and Team Arena. As this mod name implies, bots can now hop around the level like human players. And they roam the whole level more evenly. Plus they have now improved item collection AI.

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Originated from Tier666 Mod, Quake3 Hopper is a generic bot AI modification for QuakeIII Arena and her mods. Bots can now jump around the level like human players or sand hoppers. You can expect more on enjoyable hunting experience.

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Title : Quake3 Arena Hopper Modification v2.0
Author : a13xoloid
description : Universal Bot AI Modification (engine)
platform : Windows95 or above

* Description *
Originated from Tier666 Mod, Quake3 Hopper is a generic bot AI modification for QuakeIII Arena and her mods. Bots can now jump around the level like human players or sandhoppers. You can expect more on enjoyable hunting experience.

* Features *
- supporting almost all the Quake3 maps and mods ever released on the fly (some mods that have modifed player physics or bot AI may not mix well)
- movement AI quite different from original Quake3
- map roaming AI quite different from original Quake3
- wider range of render setting

* Play Information *
- make sure you have retail version of Quake III Arena installed on your PC, ideally patched to version 1.32 or above
- unzip the contents of "quake3-hopper-v2.0.zip" to your Quake3 folder, so that "quake3-hopper.exe" sits in the same directory with original "quake3.exe"
- just double click "quake3-hopper.exe" to play (or you can create your own shortcut)
- if you bring down the console and see the yellow signature "Hosted By Quake3 Hopper" at the bottome right, the hopper is properly working
- if this is the first time for you to play hopper v2.0, it is recommended to have a quick test match in a small map like q3dm1

your_quake3_directoy\ (such as C:\game\quake3\)

* Change Log *
- fixed a fatal sync error where some events(sound, powerup timer) are not triggered properly

- added numerous hopper_* CVARS to enable/disable/configure bot movement based on the characteristics of mods/maps or on your preference
NOTE: these new CVARS will be written to "q3hopper.cfg" so as not to pollute existing "q3config.cfg" that resides in the same directory
- bots can now use air acceleration
- bots can now gain decent horizontal speed on initial jump (circle jump emulation)
- bots can now continue acceleration up to 2 jumps if possible (strafe jump emulation)
- bots that are holding rocket launcher(or weapon index 5) during combat can now gain additional vertical speed on jump (rocket jump emulation)
- fixed various broken render variables
NOTE : fogs can now be completely eliminated through "r_drawFog"
NOTE : "r_minLight" can now affect all the dynamic/static vertex color as well as lightmaps

- bots can now hop more often

* Hopper CVARS (some of the render variables may not work for mods that use their own file/directory naming convention) *

hopper_allow_godlike - allow godlike hop to item/player, not recommended at all for space maps and realistic mods - default:0
hopper_battle_hop_percentage - how often bots try to hop during combat - default:80
hopper_battle_hop_rocket_jump_percentage - how often bots use rocket jump emulation when they try to jump during combat - default:0
NOTE : if hop_percentage is 80% and rj_percentage is 40%, acutal rj_percentage is 80 * 40 / 100 = 32%
hopper_battle_hop_wait - how long bots must wait for the next hop after landing during combat(in msec) - default:500
hopper_hop_on_stair_steps - bots try to climb up stairs quickly by hopping - default:1
hopper_hop_while_running - bots try to hop while running around if possible, the higher value, the more possibilities will be checked - default:3(max)
hopper_hop_to_item - bots try to hop toward visible items if possible - default:1
hopper_max_fall_height - max falling distance bots are allowed to fall as a result of hopping to item/player - default:320
hopper_quick_withdraw - bots try to withdraw(go backward while facing enemy) quickly by dodging - default:1

(for speed)
r_ext_compressed_textures - compress textures with S3TC_DXT format 1:DXT5, 2:DXT1, 3:DXT3 - default:0
r_drawFog - default:1
r_drawMapObjects - default:1
r_lodBiasIgnoreSelf - prevent 1st person view weapons to ugly as a result of positive lod bias - default:1

(for protection of eyes/nerves)
r_darkenWeaponEffects - darken weapon effects, up to 2 bits - default:0
r_freqScale - scale the interval of blinking textures - default:1.0
r_drawMuzzleFlash - default:1

(for visibility)
r_picmip - set picmip for level textures and map objects only - default:1
r_picmipExp - set picmip for missile explosions only - default:0

r_intensityPM - set the intensity of player models - default:2
r_intensityTX - set the intensity of level textures - default:1

r_lgOBB - overbright bits for verts color of dynamic map model(player models and weapon models) - default:2
r_lmOBB - overbright bits for lightmap textures - default:2
r_mdlOBB - overbright bits for verts color of static map model - default:2
NOTE : r_mapOverBrightBits - set overbrightbits for targets other than listed above (for textures on brush/patch) - default:2
NOTE : r_overBrightBits can now be in effect for windowed mode - default:1
NOTE : what really matters is the value of each overbright bit(r_lgOBB, r_lmOBB, r_mdlOBB, r_mapOBB) minus r_overBrightBits
NOTE : r_ambientscale - scale the brightness of dynamically lit(by lightgrid) models(player models) - default:0.6

r_minLight - minimum value of lightmap/vertex brightness to cope with dark custom maps - default:0, max:255
r_huntMode - 1:makes level textures gray, 2:makes lightmap gray, 3:makes both gray - default:0
r_drawVolumetricLight - draw volumetric lights in official id maps - default:1

(for play)
r_normalizeByColor - prevent over-lit textures turn white out - default:1
r_zFarScale - scale the value of zFar (never draw anything whose distance from player exceeds this value) - default:1.0
r_forceCullBack - always cull backside of polygon, or never draw as two sided - default:0

* Author *
Name : a13xoloid
E-mail: hareluya666@gmail.com
Home : Moddb.com

Special thanks to id software to release full source code.

* Copyright / Permissions *
This mod is (c) by a13xoloid (2011). All rights reserved.

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this mod, i.e. put it on a CD
or any other electronic medium (e.g. that would be included with a magazine)
without my explicit permission.

You MAY distribute this program and associated files through the (internet,
FTP, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive

* render setting example 2 *

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