Quake 4 Reborn

**Dedicated to Larry, AKA, Bladerunnercutter: may he rest in peace. His countless mods have inspired me to create my own**










This mod, Quake 4 Reborn, is a sort of sequel to the Weapons Realism mod in the way that Quake 2 is a sequel to Quake. They're similar in theory, but they play quite a bit differently. This mod is not to be confused with Doom 3 Reborn which is totally different. Bladerunnercutter and Dafama2k7 have both helped lots with this mod. A big thanks to both of them. Murph was also a great help :) Also, thanks to LD Ash for introducing me to the rather confusing Quake 4 texture system as well as for allowing me to use his Tactical Transfer texture.


Drag the folder "q4r", not q4r(SP), into your "quake4" folder, not your q4base folder, and then start up Quake 4, click on the tab "MODS", select "Quake 4 Reborn (SP)" and have fun!


To un-install, simply delete the "q4r" folder.


This mod was developed with the help of other mods. Almsot everything I have learnt so far has been from some mod or another, a big thanks to everyone on Q4 Files and Planet Quake.


Time for the good stuff! The features!

BLASTER: Higher damage, longer charge up time but bigger, more powerful explosions. New black texture.

MACHINE-GUN: More damage, faster firing rate, smaller clips, new firing sound. New black texture.

SHOTGUN: Much more damage, much 6 shell max. New black texture.

HYPER-BLASTER: Faster fire rate and bigger clip. Has a new alternate fire which uses a scope, similar to the Machine-Gun's.

GRENADE LAUNCHER: Smaller clip, smaller explosion, huge damage. New explosion effect.

NAIL-GUN: More damaging and makes enimies magnetic when they die causing them to stick to metal for a short while.

Rocket Launcher: More powerful, bigger explosion, much better explosion and trail effects. Much lower max ammo count.

RAIL GUN: Double the damage and faster firerate. 10-shot clips. new blue-colored texture.

LIGHTNING GUN: No real changes except a few small tweaks

DARK MATTER GUN: Slower ball of death, more damage, more Q2 BFG style. Also has a scope now.

NAPALM GUN: You get start with this gun and it can hold more ammunition. Improved impact effects when an enemy is hit.

HOVER-TRUCK: Nothing says "I got your back!" like 3000RPM! Now shoots super fast but with reduced damage, the turret is similar to an MG-42 now with an incredible firing speed but reduced damage.

HOVER-TANK: What's that? Your tank cannon is a wimp? Ah, maybe I can help. Now the tank cannon reloads a LOT slower, however the explosion is huge, more damaging, hit-scan and should flatten a Harvester in a shot or two. Machinegun is similar to the trucks one.

WALKER: How do those rockets stay in the air? They move so slow I think I could race them and win. The rockets now take longer to reload though. Machinegun is the same.

TRAM: Same as the Hover-Trucks gun but the tram itself has half of the trucks health.

The enemies AI is slightly improved and their attacks are a lot more damaging. ALL the bodies stay, including the bosses. You start with a machinegun, like most of the marines, plus a Napalm gun as well. You also get to start with a suit of body armor (50 armor points) like you are wearing when the transport shuttle crashes. Also, you can carry 150 health and armor as a Strogg but only 100 health and 75 armor as a human. Your speed as a Strogg is almost double to what you have as a human. Also you have to hold shift (or whatever your "walk" key is) to run, you will walk when you aren't holding shift, sorry to you lazy people;) Also, some weapon ammo values have been modified as I see fit.
Your marines now have MUCH improved damage so they should be able to kick some squib ass;) But on the downside, they have 5 times less health Also, when they die they drop their weapon. There is a new texture for Tacticals and the marine weapons as well as a light for the shotgun. And of course there are a few weapon tweaks and effects added. The rest of the features are trivial or are listed above.


This mod also has it's own config file, which may seem clunky to you at first, but if you give it a chance, you may actually enjoy the options that come with it.

F1...........................Take a .jpg screenshot
F2...........................Quick save
F3...........................Toggle HUD on/off
F4...........................Toggle third-person on/off
F5...........................Stop/start time
F6...........................Spawn Marine with an MG
F7...........................Spawn Marine with an SG
F8...........................Spawn Marine with an HB
F9...........................Spawn Tech with an MG
F10..........................Spawn Tech with an SG
F11..........................Spawn Tech with an HB
F12..........................Spawn Medic with an MG
N............................Spawn friendly Tactical Transfer, with Railgun
M............................Spawn friendly Gunner
Comma........................Spawn an unarmed Tactical Transfer who will try and bludgeon you
Period.......................Spawn a Strogg Shotgun Marine.
Slash........................Spawn a Grunt

If You want to learn the codes for spawning these marines then open up the config file and take a look at its contents. I claim no responsibility for ANYTHING that happens to you or any of your stuff if you use this mod. HAVE FUN!
P.S. Take care of Medic 'Slayer', He's like a brother to me;)

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The description for the download:

Here it is, the long awaited (and unlikely) sequel to Quake 4 Reborn. More of a hybrid of the two previous mods than anything, this mod combines totally new gameplay features with the classical Quake 4 look. This creates a stable, simple, and most importantly, fun mod. I hope you guys like it. Have fun, Adam

The Key Features:

Features in this mod are: Various weapon tweaks (the full list can be found below) some clip-sizes reduced while some fire-rates are increased, nothing huge though. Bodies and shell casings stay around forever (this is the thing that may cause lag on low end PC's), also your fellow Marines drop their weapons upon death. The shotgun now has a flashlight.

-The Blaster now fires a slow-moving ball of plasma instead of a bullet-thing.

-The Machinegun has a reduced clip (30, 50 with weapon mod), deals more damage and fires faster.

-The Shotgun can now gib enemies, does slightly more damage and has a slightly smaller clip (5, 8 with weapon mod).

-The Hyperblaster shoots much faster, and has a bigger clip size (80, 100 with weapon mod).

-The Grenade Launcher now does FAR more damage, shoots slightly farther and faster and has a smaller clip size (5).

-The Nailgun has a seriously reduced fire rate, does more damage and the nails move much faster. The clip size has also been reduced (25, 50 with weapon mod).

-The Rocket Launcher fires much faster and does tons of damage... if you score a direct hit.

-The Railgun is now a one-shot-one kill affair. Every slug must be manually reloaded and ejected. However, it is almost an insta-gib weapon, only bosses can survive more than one slug.

-The Lightning-gun now does far more damage and is generally more useful that the piece of crap it was before.

-The Dark Matter Gun is a very lethal weapon. My advice to you is: make sure you stand VERY far clear of the explosion.

In Other News:
I now have a website set up of for all my Reborn video-game mods. You can check it out here.

Quake 4 Reborn Version 2

Quake 4 Reborn Version 2

6 years ago Full Version 0 comments

Here it is, the long awaited (and unlikely) sequel to Quake 4 Reborn. More of a hybrid of the two previous mods than anything, this mod combines totally...

Quake 4 Reborn: Light Edition

Quake 4 Reborn: Light Edition

6 years ago Full Version 0 comments

The light edition of Quake 4. Is more like a bunch of tweaks then a mod. I have installed this one into my q4base, so my "vanilla" Quake 4 runs this mod...

Quake 4 Reborn: Version 1

Quake 4 Reborn: Version 1

6 years ago Full Version 0 comments

The main Quake 4 Reborn file. This is the full edition, NOT the light one. Limited Mac support, as I don't own one, but I do have a crappy linux computer...

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necrodude Jul 8 2009 says:

This mod is so awesome ^^
But I have a little problem: there is no gib and no blood... someone know why???

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Creator
Slayer_2 Jul 12 2009 replied:

What version are you running? I believe the "light" version doesn't have the gibbing effects.

+1 vote   reply to comment
necrodude Jul 13 2009 replied:

Thank you, it work !!!
I was sure to have download the good version, but... no in fact :)
Sorry for trouble !

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Creator
Slayer_2 Jul 15 2009 replied:

No problem man, I'm just glad someone enjoys it :)

+1 vote   reply to comment
kitethefallenangel May 9 2009 says:

I think you should lay down on the gibbing.
With settings like that, every bad guy you kill gets gibbed and something thats over the top doesn't seem very realistic or immersive.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Creator
Slayer_2 May 9 2009 replied:

Yeah I realize that now. And being a Gears fan it now is only possible to gib if the enemy is hit directly by a rocket/explosive. Some people enjoy it though... Oh well, if V2 ever comes out, it'll be fixed, hell you could easily fix it yourself.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Aimforthehead Apr 18 2009 says:

Wow this is crazy awesome, gonna reinstall q4 and check it out :) How does it affect multiplayer?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Creator
Slayer_2 Apr 27 2009 replied:

Sorry for taking so long to reply back! I feel like a jerk. Thanks for the compliment.

Multiplayer SHOULD work with the light version, but its sketchy if you're using the full version. If I had demand, I'd easily make a MP version, no problem.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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