A total-conversion fan-sequel for Battlezone II: Combat Commander with high definition graphics, new physics and tonnes of new and unprecedented features.
This is my personal attempt to create a 'Battlezone 3' worthy game.

I have blended many of my favourite elements from BZ1 and BZ2, plus introduced a number of my own.


QF2 - E2AT Teaser Trailer 1 - Mod DB




Battlezone II
The Latest 1.3 Patch

What the mod includes:

- Nearly 4 hours of dialogue. There are a fair few audio-matic cut-scenes which explain the story. They may mostly be skipped.

- A lengthy, STORY DRIVEN single player campaign. There is less emphasis on Base VS Base combat and more on story and character development. I know that people get sick of RTS campaigns quickly if they are repetitive. I certainly do. My goal has been to AVOID a 'glorified IA' campaign where you simply have to destroy the enemy base each mission. That doesn't happen often.

- Three brand new, fully fledged playable races, plus other NPC only races.

- High Quality 3D models and Environments, far in excess of the original limitations and scope of the BZ2 engine.

- A Deep, Intriguing and Engaging storyline.

- Some explanations to some of the darkest secrets of the Battlezone universe.

- This mod is a total-conversion, so effectively a BRAND NEW game!! No visible content from the original game or any other mod (not even QF Mod) is included.

- Fully UV-Mapped and highly textured models (unlike the original QF Mod).

- All new Sound Effects.

- All new Music.

- All new Models.

- All new Voiceovers.

- All new Everything!!


With this mod, I have done my best to create a game that could at the very least imitate a possible Battlezone 3.

There are imperfections and glitches which are yet to be ironed out. There will be patches released in the future to fix as many bugs as possible.

There may also be a large second release which adds multi-player and instant-action capabilities.

This mod is best played on high resolutions. Anything lower than 1680x1050 may cause issues. It was designed for HD resolutions - specifically 1920x1080 Full HD. For the best playing experience, I would recommend using this resolution or higher.

A high-capacity gaming computer would be the best choice for playing this mod. It uses graphical enhancements which are along the lines of far more modern games than BZ2 original. High-resolution textures, high-poly models and bloom effect (from ENBSeries, an external addon program which I have included with this mod).

I would not recommend using low screen resolutions when playing. The experience of HD graphics in a Battlezone game is effectively unique to this mod. It is not like any other Battlezone mod in existence so far. It has been developed with HD graphics since its conception. The entire purpose was to bring Battlezone into the 21st century. As such, using a decent 21st century gaming system is a must.


Several key issues which I should mention include:

- Music volume is currently locked to 95%. This is the only way to allow it to automatically reduce volume while in-game voiceovers are playing, otherwise you could not hear the voiceovers over the music. This may irritate some people. I may try to patch this at a later date if it is too unbearable.

- There is an issue with the introduction video where 1/3rd of the screen on the right-side is blacked out. This appears to be an internal issue to BZ2, as playing the same .bik file in the native BINK viewer program does not have this issue.

- Mission de-brief files are not showing up. I will try to fix this for the first patch.

- Sometimes the game will crash without warning or explanation. This may have something to do with an audio-glitch involving the music. It is not easily re-produced, so is difficult to fix. I recommend that you save your game reasonably often, just in case it does crash. It is not a common crash, but it does happen at some random times. This may be a problem only on my end.

- Sometimes a mission will crash when you attempt to load it the first time, but load fine on the second attempt.

- At the end of mission 10, you will need to find Major Gibson and drive near his Pariah tank in order to allow the mission to finish. I will correct this in the first patch.

- Mission 2 may be a little too difficult for less skilled players. My advice is to not stop shooting drones. The more you kill, the less damage you will receive overall.

- There may be more bugs, as it seems that there are some which do not appear on my system but may appear on others. As I have stated at times, this is a highly experimental mod. It can be temperamental at times. It was conceived, designed, made and tested by only one person with almost zero outside assistance (bar voiceovers). There will be problems. The game is playable, but it is not perfect yet. Every mission can be won. That isn't an issue.

Despite the imperfections, I have put a huge amount of effort into this mod. It's been my pride and joy for a number of years. So, basically, enjoy! It's been an absolute blast making this mod, and I couldn't have better spent my last couple of years.

Thankyou, and good luck!
- Michael Boag (bigbadbogie)


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QF: The Game

News 4 comments

QF: (working title) will continue where QF2 left off.

As Rachel would say: "You think that you can wipe out an entire civilisation without consequences?"

Here is a quick test-map preview of the new (but incomplete) hover physics:

My next possible project

My next possible project


BZ2-HD I'm considering remaking Battlezone II original in my own image.

The story...

The story...

News 2 comments

The story of the QF militia from Earth to Mars to Akaifa...

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QF2 - E2AT v1.0 - Installer

QF2 - E2AT v1.0 - Installer

Full Version 32 comments

This is the first release of QF2: Essence to a Thief.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 152)

Hey guys, really nice mod m8! Just one problem, I can't get past first mission, It took a while to figure how to get past the base, then when I try to get cassy, she's not there.. she is like in the ground and when I try to exit the game and start my save, there are those flying things around Cassy, so my question is how to get Cassy, how to not be detected as the flying things are everywere.. and if all else fails, how do I skip the mission?

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bigbadbogie Creator

Unfortunately the mod can have issues with save-games. If you play it without saving, it should work as intended. Drones will only 'see' you if they both shoot and hit you. If all else fails, you can skip the mission by opening the console with Ctrl+~ and typing: game.cheat bzwinner

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Ok so i encountered something.. there is a mission called unknown and when i play it i instantly win, idk if thats nothing or an actual mission and im missing on the story!

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Well i figured later that she was there and she disappears like the other comment said, but yea i skipped and same on invasion day; how do i get the civilians into the apcs? Like there is no option so i sent them to the nav and then after 3 towns it didnt show that i did that in the objectives soo.. sry if im being dumb but how do i do this? Also im using 1.5 patch, i saw ur comment with the version of 1.3. 1 more thing, what do i do incase i get mission failed like the other comment? I really like this mod and iv been waiting to know how to get modes to work in this since i was alot younger and i would love if u make like a fix for these small deitals, thank you!

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Oh never mind, i see little peaple! Thats a really nice touch.. i didnt find any issues and ill report any issues if i do encounter!

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not sure if its a bug but the first mission cassy just disappears when i go to pick her up

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bigbadbogie Creator

Do voice-overs play after she disappears? If not, restart the mission.

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Are you going to do a patch? If so I'd be happy to work with you as a tester or a bug chaser or something. I even have some coding skill.

I am able to play rest of the game though I think with the bzwinner cheat.

Thanks for the help btw and again, very cool mod. You rock!

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Hello. Awesome mod! In fact I think it is the best mod I have tried so far. Very fun and way more than I expected. So cool to play BZ2 this way.

I have one problem though. I can't complete the "Invasion Day" mission.

Every time it says "Failed - You have perished on the battlefield" yet I am alive of coarse and my APCs are still alive and basically all of my units are still alive. . .

Failure is always triggered very shortly after the first APC makes it to the dropship. Once I even watched the APC drive into the drop ship
then the doors closed and immediately the mission failed out.

Usually there is a verbal message that the first APC has made it.

He says "There's one APC" or something then the other guy says "ok, now keep going" but right after that it fails the mission.

One strategy I tried was to eliminate all red on the map before the first APC gets full.

I even found four of the locations on the map where the drones were spawning out of the ground without drone factories and sat some fighting units their to plug the hole.

I did not use file saves in case that was the issue.

I also experimented with leaving units in their original groups.

Any idea what could be wrong?

What would be the fail condition I am not perceiving?

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bigbadbogie Creator

Well, I've never seen that before. That mission has always worked fine for me. If the mission is failing at exactly the moment when the drop ship takes off, that points to one possible problem. The APC is removed from the game world at exactly that moment. Were you driving an APC at the time? Also, which 1.3 patch version are you using?

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New info. I got out of my vehicle after the APCs entered the drop ship. This time no mission failed. But it deleted the ship I got out of and all my other ships one by one till they were all gone.

At that point I had no ship to drive or command. All APC were gone. The dropships still stuck in their take-off loop. Although I did see the doors close on the drop ship bays.

The game doesn't end though it just goes on with nothing for me to do or drive.

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It deletes some of the blue team vehicles also. For example the scavengers at the scrap vein to the north of village 1 dissappeared also. I don't see any enemy drones either.

The delete rate is only a few vehicles a second, average.

I can see them disappearing from my command bar one by one.

I stuck around for about 20-30 minutes to see if it would evenutally end (like maybe my PC just takes a long time to do the end of mission work . . .

But it just went on indefinitely.

Finally I just used the suggested game.cheat bzwinner to skip the level.

I was basically at the end right?

The blue team leader never built his outpost and the drop ships never flew to it. I don't know if that is actually supposed to happen or not. . .

Still, a really cool mod. Thanks for making it.

I have a single core CPU 3.2 GHz and this runs pretty nicely.

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The drop ship take-off animation seems to loop even from the start of the game.

It gives me 12 APCs actually.

The remaining APCs all disappear a little bit after one or more enter the drop ship. I think some of my other units are disappearing also. At that point it almost instantly feezes for 2-3 seconds and gives me a failed mission.

I run

I was not driving an APC but I might have to try that though.

I was driving my original vehicle from the very begining of the mision.

I have G66 and VSR 5.0 in there too but they keep to themselves mostly I think.

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