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PUNT is a revival of rHetorical's original PUNT, a first person environmental puzzle game using the Source Engine. Equipped with the Punt gun, which can activate and deactivate the manipulation of physics for certain objects, players must navigate and solve numerous puzzles. PUNT has been greenlit, and will release on Steam upon completion.


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Harmonics Laboratories is the industry leader in medicine, science, and technology. Equipped with the goal of eradicating poverty, disease, and war as a whole, Harmonics has launched a program to achieve their goals within the next 10 years!


Equipped with the Enhanced Cyclical Operating Device, otherwise known as the E.C.H.O. or Punt gun, navigate puzzles set within Harmonics Laboratories while manipulating the physics of cubes and launching objects across a room, as well as yourself.

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With functions ranging from pausing them in midair to flipping their gravity, Harmonics brand Punt cubes will aid you in all your testing needs!

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With planned Steam Workshop support, PUNT will feature a full Steam release and post release updates!

Current Team:

  • BoxandRocks - Head Developer, Programming, Project Lead
  • BlueASIS - Graphic Design, Art, Play Testing
  • Hogsy - Programming
  • FrankieFrank3Gaming / ReptillianBrotherhood - 3D Modeling
  • Miss Stabby - 3D Modeling
  • Dr.Doozer - Story, Writing
  • Zafire Flame Dragoon - Composition
  • Dredile - Sound Design
  • Krislynn Odviar - Composition
  • Rux Ton - Composition
  • Kosan - 3D Modeling
  • Clockface - 3D Modeling
  • TopHattWaffle - Mapping, 3D Modeling
  • Ethosaur - Mapping
  • Reepblue - Miscellaneous Programming
  • LemurrMelon - Particles
  • Joshua Ashton - Programming

Interested in helping out with development? Send the head developer an email at tristan@corruptedstudios.net along with your skills and links to your previous work.

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RSS Articles

Recently, we've been fairly silent about our work on PUNT via Moddb, Twitter, and our channel on the Source Modding Community Discord. This has primarily been due to us being busy with PUNT, other projects, and our personal lives as well. Fortunately, this article will shed light on what we've been doing as of late and what the future of PUNT holds.

Head Developer's twitter: Twitter - Tristan .H

Corrupted Studios twitter: Twitter - Corrupted Studios

PUNT is currently in a state where all game code and core features are complete, aside from some various needed fixes. That said, our biggest hurdle has been puzzle design and mapping. While a lot of our maps which we've shown have looked visually appealing, they tended to lack complex and meaningful puzzle design or a cohesive flow between puzzles and the introduction of new puzzle elements throughout the game. PUNT needs to have clear and logical progression between puzzles in order for it to live up to our goals for it. To fix this, we've begun a process of rapid puzzle redesign, focusing on gameplay rather than details, opting to instead keep them to a minimum.

While this process has been working really well for us and we've already created a fair amount of puzzles for the game, there's a large downside to this process. Due to the levels not being detailed, they don't meet our standards for how levels should look before being presented, resulting in an overall lack of screenshots for this month. However, this process will eventually result in a fully playable game and many more screenshots and videos to show off.

While we may not have any in game media this month, Zafire Flame Dragoon has recently created the below track for PUNT, titled Creative Lobby.

Unlike previous tracks, this wasn't made with any of the in game maps in mind. Rather, it's meant to be used in another section of the game which is still heavily in the works. We're in communications with Valve in order to iron out some issues with this mode and hope to have further details for you all in the near future.

After completing our new process of puzzle creation, we aim to heavily detail the maps and to expand the start and end of the game to allow for more story opportunities. To help ease us in this process, a new concept artist has joined the team. The following are but a few of the concepts which they've created for PUNT.






ending ship



We're hard at work as always, and while we can't show off everything just yet, hopefully what we've shown can suffice until we can reveal more in game content. Please leave any questions, comments or concerns, as we'd love hear what you have to say and will respond accordingly as soon as possible. Thank you all for your continued support, it's greatly appreciated.

Until next time,

-Tristan (BoxandRocks)


PUNT Development as of 12/15/16

PUNT Development as of 12/15/16

News 2 comments

An update regarding PUNT's development as of 12/15/16.

PUNT Development as of 11/3/16

PUNT Development as of 11/3/16

News 6 comments

An update regarding PUNT's development as of 11/3/16.

PUNT Development as of 9/1/16

PUNT Development as of 9/1/16

News 6 comments

An update regarding PUNT's development as of 9/1/16.

PUNT Development as of 8/9/16

PUNT Development as of 8/9/16

News 3 comments

An update regarding PUNT's development as of 8/9/16.

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I like the word punt.

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Can we have a developer update or something about the release that isn't just "estimated summer 2017"
I just want to know how much is left to make and if I can get it this year.

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Box&Rocks Creator

We're experimenting ourselves at the moment and will update the public once we're sure of where we're headed. Luckily things have been looking up, albeit changed quite a bit, and we hope to have news to share soon. Sorry for the radio silence!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Box&Rocks; it should re released in 12 January 2018 so please, work smart, work with fun, if you have stress, play with Fidget Spinner.

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Ethosaur Creator

No more

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thanks for the quick reply, sorry for my tone in the previous comment. It's good to hear about the mod and I hope it turns out well :)

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What happened with this mod? Its been over 4 months since the last update.

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Like Portal :D

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The Discord Invite has been expired.

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Box&Rocks Creator
Box&Rocks Reply Good karma+1 vote
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