Proyect-Z is a MORPG (Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) set in a post-apocalyptic world. implemented with the Orange Box source engine (Half life 2 deathmatch modification). Using databases allow data persistence getting a similar experience to a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), but due to limitations of the engine, map is divided into zones with loads between them. When the player has created his account to play, have a PJ (character) protected by a username and password. Each time a player leaves the game, the server stored in the database throughout the state of play: life, abilities, items, ammo, etc. When the player connect to the server using the username and password from any PC, he will have his character and inventory exactly as he left it last time.

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Ahem, you start out with $200 THAT'S IT you can buy an ak and some ammo, at first i thought "ok, it's boxes so i should have PLENTY." No. Only 16 shots, not enough and the zombies dont go down when i shoot them in the head. The ammo is rare, only 6 shots left and all i have is galil ammo, nothing more. It's barren, empty and the buildings are empty with SOME zombies, not like a horde just like 6 that i can't kill cause there heads are made of metal.

I was... gabe newel

This mod is a lot of fun when getting into it. But i found it REALLY difficult from the start since i spent all my starting money on an AK and a USP and i had barely any money since well its pretty much my own fault that i misread the ammo description, i thought 1 meant 1 clip of ammo not 1 bullet. So once me and my friend Pie got into it we were SCREWED. Since it lacked the ability to sell stuff to vendors yet and that melee weapons were absent we struggled to find survivors for rescue missions and to earn us back some money to buy us an antidote.

But after playing it through and me and my friend managing to get a decent amount of ammo ( with the help of another friend) the game got much better but less difficult. Although i must say it was really fun playing it from the start even though lacking ammo.

Another note from the start is that there are only 3 characters to choose from. It would be much better if there was more characters to use (could just input some skins from HL2).

To conclude this i love this mod, its great fun you should really check it out. Just don't make the same mistake i made with the ammo. Just buy a pistol enough ammo and go out and hunt zombies and survivors with your friends. Now all this needs now is the ability to sell items and some more player skins.

It was one hell of a hard mod from the start and the shortness of player skins put it down as well as the fact you cant sell stuff. But i had so much fun playing this with friends. It has good immersion and is great fun to play so i give it a 7/10.

Check it out now, its quite good.

The server is a bit far away for this to be completly enjoyable, that mixed in with the lack of my fellow zombie fighters ability to speak English really makes it even harder, i would love to give it a ten, i think i would be able to if it had a server alittle closer to me.


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