To get everybody into the Christmas spirit, this mod adds a Yule-themed team to Blood Bowl! Released in December 2009, this was [Project]'s first mod.

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21/09/10: Positions still open!

[Project] is looking for a few new team members to assist with 3D modelling and animation on our latest Blood Bowl mod. We currently consist of three members: one graphic artist and texturer, and two 3D modellers.

We're a friendly and enthusiastic bunch who are fully committed to completing our mod undertakings. Development hell is somewhere we aim to steer well clear of; and so far, with two major mods now released plus a handful of mini mods, we're staying true to our ideals.


On the 3D front, we need help with creating ingame characters and props. We're already well under way with this task, but any extra help here will ensure we maintain a solid pace to completion.

Animators are also required to assist in editing KF files, and working to bring new animations into the game. This is very much desired, as currently we're limited to the animations provided by the original game.

Ideally you'll also have a good working knowledge of Nifskope, and an interest in Cyanide Studio's Blood Bowl video game (or at least the tabletop incarnation). A love of the Warhammer setting would also not go amiss!

To Apply

Please send an email to riskywood(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk or get in touch with Soapmode here on ModDB.

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