Project War (working title) is a modern tactical infantry combat mod in initial development stages. The focus is on realistic movement, aiming, and weapons, medium to long distance combat, and tactical squad-based communication and objectives.

The concepts employed in this mod grow from years of not finding what I'm looking for in the games on the market. Mainstream shooters are fun for a while, but too chaotic and lacking in any realistic team-oriented gameplay. Purely realistic combat simulations typically have controls and learning curve issues making them suitable only for very patient hardcore fans.

Concepts, detailed in this document, include:

  • Large, open maps, with well defined cover areas forming natural choke points
  • Long distance battles focusing mainly on semi-auto rifle fire and suppression
  • Realistic physics-based movement, aiming, and recoil mechanics
  • AI-controlled units will fill out the battlefield and follow orders
  • Players can switch consciousness to an AI unit in order to change roles as necessary
  • Round-based format with respawns only by switching consciousness to a live unit
  • Squad leader can create short-term orders on the fly which appear in a HUD
  • Battlefield awareness through mini-map, HUD, and voice communication
  • Players have persistent ranking which can go up and down based on performance
  • Rank affects the ability of player to perform certain actions
  • Commanders will strategically place initial spawn locations and support actions
  • Wounded players may be knocked down and continue with physical limitations

My intention is to construct a realistic experience that feels right. Movement is fluid, weapons are handled realistically, and combat takes place over relatively long distances. Squad-based teamplay is critical, with suppressive fire and immediate "watch this area"-type objectives being important aspects of the gameplay.

As I am starting from Garry's Mod 10 Lua scripts, coding the core systems is well underway. I'm currently looking for content artists to build weapon models, sounds, and maps, and a group of testers to try out the gameplay concepts very soon. I expect to have a functional alpha for testing in a few weeks, and release a beta with some original content around February 2011.

Please email me at to discuss further. I need a small skilled team of people passionate about this style of game to help spread out the workload. This is a compact mod that will be kept simple wherever possible. The emphasis is on the quick implementation of the core features that set it apart from other games.

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I am currently not working on this mod, I had too many projects on the go and had to drop something. One day I will come back to this...


I am currently looking for active members to help me with the following content creation tasks for the upcoming new mod Project War (working title):

  • AI programmer, to develop a realistic squad-based combat AI. The AI will fight alongside human players, focus heavily on staying in cover, staying alive, and following orders. I will help with design of the decision-making process, and the work will involve writing a scripted entity from scratch with Lua - a fairly self-contained task.
  • I need a skilled 2D artist to revamp the HUD icons, menus, etc. This is not a ton of work, I just need someone with more creative talent than I, and experience with transparency is a must.
  • 3D artist, for weapon and player models. The mod is currently using slightly modified models from CSS. Starting from these, we will need to prepare at least 4 weapons, add scopes, and possibly work with the animations. This is not a lot of work from the get-go, I just need someone to manage the models as things need adjustments.
  • Sound artist, to find some realistic weapon sounds. CSS sounds aren't going to cut it. We will need strong ambience in the map, and weapon sounds will harshly cut the silence with realistic, loud cracks that vary with distance and LOS. General footsteps and rustling noises are also needed, as well as some voice acting.
  • I need a mapper to improve the current map. I have built a cookie-cutter development map with buildings and open areas, and I will need a talented mapper to go over the entire space and make it look as realistic to modern-day Iraq as possible. The theme is a fairly structured and open outdoor area, so ground, roads, and exterior building textures are the key elements.

I'm looking to get this mod up and running very quickly. There will be one map and just a few weapons. Basically the idea is to get the game concepts implemented and tested, and in order for the concept to be believable I need a small set of supporting content to be of high quality. The future of the mod will be determined by the success of the alpha, which hopefully, with some help, we can release in the next few months.

Please visit my ModDB page for information, and email me at if you are interested in joining the team.

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tolgakanatli Feb 25 2011 says:

There are thousands of sweps made for garrys mod, and also billions of models made for CSS. Why do all the modders design their own weapons? You can ask authors of those SWEPS/Models if you can use their models in your mod. If I were a modeller, I would have lovingly accepted your offer in return of getting a credit.
I -an old HL1 modder- did this, and believe me it is a much better way. If I just knew a little bit more on lua scripting, I would have helped you. But my only lua scripting experience was making a F16 HUD with radar as an expression 2 extension in lua. It worked well, but it is a really basic thing. If you want to have any sorts of vehicles with lock on capabilities in this mod, I can give you those codes.

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WaffleAndy Jan 23 2011 says:

Interesting! :D

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Phenixtri Jan 11 2011 says:

No insurgency needs work & cant be worked on since the original devs are more or less holding the mod hostage. I'm waiting for Insurgency Redeployment being made by a different team from the older open source insurgency.

& insurgency got boring real fast since it was small deathmatch maps (even on CTF domination maps it felt like simple deathmatch) also the only 2 teams are the insurgents & US forces so to me its just a mini source version of project reality's games mode insurgency: just with out the fun stuff like JDAM air-strikes, vehicles, & artillery & mortar strikes.

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Reedtheman Dec 18 2010 says:

Um from what i understand you are looking for a realistic type game on the source engine.

have you heard of Insurgency it even on steam for free.

You could just take that and mod it that way you can just have all the realistic parts already in and mod it from there.

Not trying to sound mean or anything like that.

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adamjmac Creator
adamjmac Jan 21 2011 replied:

I actually worked on Insurgency as a coder for a while. I had some ideas back then that I tried to implement with Insurgency, but its really a very large complex code base and it was complex and difficult to try things out.

This mod is not about recreating Insurgency, but about trying out some really original ideas that could possibly change the way developers and players think what an FPS should be. LUA scripting is much easier than working with the HL2 engine directly, and I can very quickly implement and tweak things like weapon physics, spawning systems, interface, the game rules, etc.

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Phenixtri Dec 17 2010 says:

So are the crappy CS:S guns place holders right? If anything when this mod progresses far enough to start having custom weapon models being made just please don't mirror the guns :( That would ruin the mod for me & perhaps others :/

And please don't take this the wrong way im just very interested & eager to play the final product of this mod.

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adamjmac Creator
adamjmac Jan 21 2011 replied:

The CS:S guns are placeholders, as with basically all of the content. Step 1 is write the code for some interesting gameplay mechanics, step 2 is test with a group of players (which I am looking for now...), and step 3 is to turn it into a playable, releasable mod - but only if I can get some technical help on the content side.

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adamjmac Creator
adamjmac Nov 26 2010 says:

I need testers. I've got the squad and spawn system coded, and I need to test the functionality with multiple people. Anyone interested please reply to this comment, and you must own Garry's Mod and Counter-Strike Source on your Steam account.

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SGT-Spartan Dec 19 2010 replied:

I'll be happy to beta test your mod.
I have all the requirements for GMOD- EP2, CSS, EP1 and HL2.

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drgnzach Nov 20 2010 says:

I cant wait to break... I mean beta-test this mod

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