SFR (WIP title) is a mod for the Source Engine. It's based on the 3d shooter game Starfox. It will be mostly based on the 1993 nintendo power comics, and a story(running in parallel to the events in the comics ) written for the mod. The game is mostly a shooter like the first game, but will feature some 3rd person on-foot action. The main focus is singleplayer, however multiplayer will definitely be implemented in time.

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Anywhere [OLD] 3D Character Modeler at Project SFR Team

3d character modeler project sfr team anywhere artists we're a small team of modders working on a source engine based mod. the mod is both a shooter inspired by starfox, and an action game inspired by games like metal gear and mass effect and other third person games. for the complete summary, please look at the mod profile ( ). here's a little summary of what we're looking for : - we're looking for someone with experience in modelling characters. - having lots of free time is a plus. - knowing how to uv map and/or draw textures is a plus. - knowing how to rig and animate a model is a plus. - having experience with the source engine is always nice, but not required. - being a starfox fans is a plus, but not necessary :) just to make sure there's no misunderstandings, this mod isn't made for profit, its mostly a project to gain experience and knowledge from. thank you.

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