Project Revolution is a WarCraft3 : Frozen Throne Mod, that will turn StarCraft:BroodWar into 3D. The Mod will stay true to the original StarCraft:Broodwar. No Races will be added, no heroes, no Units or skills. Just plain old SC. In 3D. Check out our screenshots to see what we've been working on. Check out our site and drop a few lines on the forum or visit our IRC channel for a chat with the team if you like. We're always scouting for talented artists and coders. If you think you can contribute to this project visit our site.

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Who would have thought that if a mod tries to revamp and older game, it would actually look better than the game itself? If you don't believe that's possible, then hurry up and read this interview with !

Posted by e-labs.ecion on Oct 29th, 2004

Who would have thought that if a mod tries to revamp and older game, it would actually look better than the game itself? If you don't believe that's possible, then hurry up and read this interview with Project Revolution!

[page=Interview] Hello Skizot, what can you tell us about yourself and your position on the Project Revolution team?

Skizot: Well, I am the "leader" of the mod, though we're pretty much all self suffcient... I just make sure that everything gets done and matches our standard. I see, that sounds good. Is this the first mod you are working on, or do you have past experience?

Skizot: I personally have been part of many mods, but most have failed. So being the leader of this one it WILL finish ever if i have to drag it's cold dead carcass acros the finished line myself. I like that dedication! Keep it up! Can you list and explain a couple of features of Project Revolution?

Skizot: features? hmmm well PR is basically going to be IDENTICAL to SC (given a few things that we CAN'T fix due to engine differences) but with full 3d models effects etc. Is that what you want Project Revolution to be remembered by, the full 3D compatibility?

Skizot: In all honesty, I just want it to be something to hold me and others until blizzard continues the RTS aspect of the starcraft universe. It will also bring more players to TFT that have yet to purchase it. So, am I right in assuming that the general motivation of designing this mod is not just to have a smack-down-good mod for Warcraft 3, but instead to have a revamped version of Starcraft playable on the WC3 engine, in order to stand the waiting time of a new Blizzard based Starcraft installation?

Skizot: For the most part yes. we are still going to be a smack-down-good mod ;-) How did you get past the copyrights of Blizzard?

Skizot: That is an ongoing issue that we are currently working to finalize. I am not at liberty to say much more on that just that we know the ramifications, and are working to avoid the illegality apsect of our mod. Why did you choose the Warcraft 3 engine out of all the available RTS engines?

Skizot: this mod started out a thread on warcraft3campaigns titled "first custom model for wc3" and just grew from there to a 60-70 page thread into a full mod... btw that model was a pylon :-) That's amazing! Starting a mod off a forum topic, and turning it into the top quality work it is now! But put your mod in a nutshell once. How would you describe it in a few simple words?

Skizot: from an outside point of view " An homage to one of the greatest RTS games ever made" from a developers point of view " OMFG what did I get myself into" :-) Hehe :) Will there be any special additions or are you going to stick to the given gameplay of Starcraft?

Skizot: see, We're going for as close to the original SC as possible... but with the editability of Warcraft 3 Anyone can make what ever they choose. it's alot more customizeable than SC was when it comes to graphics. I read that you might release PR around next year..Is that true? If not, when do you expect to have a realistic release date?

Skizot: our offical answer to that is "when it's done" :-) we've been close to getting some where several time but thanks to HD crashes and blizzard making patches, and our art getting 10x better it keeps getting extended. our GOAL is early next year. Awesome, I definitely will be one of the many to download this mod! Now, to wrap this up is there anything you would like to tell future mod makers, your fan community or anybody?

Skizot: Stick with it. We never though we would get as far as we have but we have hung in there and keep getting better. When we're done with this it will be a colossal accomplishment. oh and hi mom!

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Make sure you buy the january issue of CGW, as it contains an article about Project Revolution with some more amazing screenshots!)

[page=Exclusive Screenshots]
These 3 screenshots are generally WIP (work in progress). The first image is a render, while the other two are direct in-game footage!

Feature Image

Feature Image

Feature Image

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J1mmmy Nov 9 2004 says:

Great review and an excellent looking mod. Good luck!

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CeoKeo Nov 25 2004 says:

Hoped to hear more technical detail, but still can't wait!

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Guest Nov 30 2004 says:

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blitz_ace002 Dec 13 2004 says:

well i first leanred about this mod something like 2 or 3 month ago on now....damn i cant wait to play the actual game...but i have a question, why is it that they are nearly always showing Terran's structure???

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Guest Dec 16 2004 says:

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deadlyfighter1001 Jan 10 2008 says:

Cant wait!!!I love starcraft and it would be awesome for 3-D!!

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