Welcome to Project Reality: Battlefield 2 (aka PR:BF2), a free to download game modification for the Battlefield 2 (aka BF2) retail Windows PC game. The focus of this mod is to rework the original game engine developed by Digital Illusions of Sweden (Dice) within legal and feasible constraints to create a more realistic combat environment for the gaming community. This includes adjusting various game play elements including physics, visual effects and overall game play formats. Along with changes to how the game handles, the Project Reality team has been introducing British, Insurgent, IDF forces, Canadian, and Russian factions, plus a number of community assisted factions are currently in the works to introduce even more factions to the virtual battlefields. This Mod is not for the masses, due to the fact that it has a much higher learning curve then your classic arcade game. This is the real deal.

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wielkie G

When bulet flies next to me (do not hit me)i don't see anything.

When i get hit (not dead) i don't see anything too WTF?

Tryed to get enemy kit? - U dont must beacuse its imposible - if U get it it force U to get your prewious kit or die! LAUGH!!!! Even child can use AK-47 and in this mod it killing you ha ha ha!

JETS/HELIS - "You cannot operate this vehicle" and.... I am killed. wtf? hmmm... no comment.

Shoting shoting shoting.... i need some ammo!Bots around with ammo (even from your team) will not give you ammo, you must kill them and take it personaly before medic will reviwe bot - thats not even funny - in BF2 bots allways helped me with ammo/medics - there they will not.

In vehicles (example BMP-2) i died many times beacuse some stupid freak make some restriction - you cannot fire weapon, you must wait for 10 or 15 seconds when selected gun/atgm (very funny, in REAL there is no restrictions in BMP when switching from cannon to ATGM ant in this "reality mod" there is).

Did i telled how this runs? Even on high speed machine 10 - 15 FPS HAHAHAHA! Good luck with aiming

So we cannot fight beacuse we dont see anything and have no ammo for one minute, beacuse its lagging, beacuse some restrictions DAMM WHERE IS THE JOY OF PLAYING? I'm SURE NOT I THIS MOD!

Only fanboys gives 10/10 - dont even read them comment named "great game"

Horrible mod. Does NOT work at all, just crashes. There is NO support online, only answers like "try reinstalling" or "patch it to 1.5". Do not download, you will get nothing but greif.

wont launch no matter what i do

Can't get it to work and no help in forums. 100% useless.

this mod really sucks. you can't see you team tickets. it's hard to see where to go. you get hit once and it is all blurry and bloody on the screen. just a waste of time


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