Welcome to Project Reality: ARMA 3 (aka PR:ARMA3), a free to download game modification for the ARMA 3 retail Windows PC game. The main aim for PR:ARMA3 is to create a realistic and immersive modification for ARMA 3, which focuses on encouraging teamwork through game play. PR:ARMA3 will exist as a standalone modification. It will remain self contained, self developing and not rely on or use externally held add-ons from other sources where at all possible. What that means to the player is that it will be a 'one stop shop' as an installation package, with no requirement for additional multiple add on packs.

Mod Deleted
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The mod you are trying to view has been deleted and is no longer available. This may have occured at the developers request because it is no longer active and was not released, or it may have occured because it violated the sites Terms of Use. If this is a mistake and you are a member of this mods team and would like it re-activated, please contact us with the details.

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