Foxtrot Code-addon for PR 7,and alternative path of development mode Project Raptor with high-poly models and the best effects (FX). This mod makes the Russian team with the permission of the chief developer-Vanguard.Будет добавлена своя уникальная ранговая система а также большое количество новых зданий. Мод будет поддерживать Militia как альфа ГЛА соответственно с альфа зданиями. Project Raptor: The Foxtrot Code - This is the future of modes with three or four of the level of monetary concept a step of acquiring new technologies and capabilities, addon for Project Raptor 7 Will add its own unique rank system and a large number of new buildings. Modes will support the Militia as alpha GLA, respectively, with alpha buildings.

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One of the best C&C Generals ZH mods I have played. Each General is very unique and has its own style of gameplay. New UI and hud is very clean and much easier to play. Very underrated mod that needs to be checked out! GREAT MOD!!!

there are still bugs that cause memory issues or came crashes. Graphics and everything else is great. is this as good as it gets at x86?

You know those times, when you were young, you had all those ideas which you at the time thought it was the coolest idea ever? Looking back from the present, you relized just how dumb those ideas were?

Now imagine that someone didn't get the memo...

Too many redundent units, certain units are too overpowered, various models contain errors, among other things...

There are certain good things in this mod, and that this mod is compatible with Origin is a plus, but overall this mod is not that good.

I think it's an amazing mod. got a few issues but nothing too serious

Great mod as long as don't have slow computer

This mod is so AWESOME!


nice effects fun to play

Lies about English text and low frames on explosions. Base defenses and infantry and lots of other things unbalanced. Tool tips missing, rocket animation to slow to hit anything and really under powered. Militia and drones are over powered. Oil Derek, black markets and other artificial money making over powered.

Avery good job that needs somewhat polishing.

This mod has the best FX of all Zero Hour mods:)
Great job!

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