The year is 2531. In the year 2531, during the infancy of the Human-Covenant war, human scientists stumbled upon a new world. Named "Lumoria", the planet was laden with both flora and fauna as alien as anyone had ever seen before. Nestled amongst the planet's varying terrain lie architecture left behind by a once seemingly all-powerful race known as the Forerunners. But what began as a scientist's greatest dream of study and discovery quickly turned into destruction and terror when the Covenant found the planet as well. When the Covenant attacked the human research vessel, the scientists had no chance. Their final hopes lay in a beacon dropped in desperation. A beacon found by you. Arriving at the planet aboard the small, stealthy UNSC Frigate Endless Horizon, your mission is to defeat the Covenant, discover the mysteries behind this new world, and give humanity their hope back. Welcome to Lumoria.

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Nothing revolutionary, just one of the only well put together single player maps for the game. I really enjoyed playing the mod and definately recommend it to anyone who owns halo pc.

The first Halo was a great game, and this gritty fan based adult mod just made it even better.


SlidingGhost says

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Just played through it a bit.

What I liked about it -

The scenery is superb (there's no arguing that) and sticking to the original formula while adding a few things (like the fuel rod gun) made it a bit more interesting (on a side note, is it just me or are the Elite majors and Ghosts a lot more harder to take down?). Also, having invincible friendly AI is tolerable since they recoil from shots and don't kill everyone for you. I did notice how effective the red ODST was. I owe it to the Shotgun's range. Anyways, the friendly AI seemed to be much better than standard marine AI. I'm even interested in "cloning" the invincible ODST, which seems possible. I also liked how the cutscenes didn't remove any AI I brought with me. It seems that AI don't get deleted at all so revisiting places might allow one to re-engage them, a perfect opportunity to use different tactics. And let's not forget the creative usage of segments from the CE levels as well as the unique stuff (i.e. destroyed Banshee, gored Elite). Really brings out the nolstagia. The indoor cave segment was really unexpected. Reminded me of Great Journey's zen garden room, only it was better.

Lumoria is basically the ultimate summary of the first 5 levels of Halo 1. It captures a lot of the encounters although I would like to have seen more Hunters and bridge fights (fighting on the bridge with the ODSTs felt really good!).

Now what I was disappointed with -

When the friendly AI are on the rocket hog turret, they tend to shoot even if they're close to the enemy. It makes driving through some parts a hazard.

It is also unfortunate that the player cannot use Covenant vehicles (I didn't manage to get a Ghost intact but I was able to use the Shade). I would have liked to drive the Spectre with an ODST gunner and the Wraith (one spawned with no AI around it so one might get the idea that it's drivable).

The first Wraith is an easy target if one uses the conveniently placed Shade turret.


lostguru says

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I have to say that this was a VERY entertaining mod to play. The new environments were breathtaking, and the skybox blew me away. For the most part, the map flowed well from one skirmish to the next (adding a few of those light-orb things would instantly fix that problem), and the rocket warthog was a nice touch (and led to some hilarity while we were driving around scenery). And I loved how you guys hid some sleeping grunts and a fuel rod gun in one of the side passages past the light bridge; it really rewards the people who love to explore (like me =D ). It was also nice to see how well the fuel rod gun would have done against Covenant had we gotten to use it in Halo CE.

Like the others said, I was a bit put off by how there weren't too many new things to play around with. Though that isn't to say that there wasn't ANYTHING new; the ODST models were gorgeous and must have taken weeks to make. But while the final elite boss's shield was pretty, taking him out didn't seem to be as hard as I expected. Also, rather than flutter around like hornets, the drones (I think they were) seemed to just glide down towards me in that chasm with the hunters, making them rather easy to pick off. It was a good decision though to prevent players from staying in the rocket warthog and entering that new red vehicle near the entrance to the structure (I forgot its name), otherwise the rest of the mission would have been a cakewalk.

To sum it up, this mod exceeded my expectations for a first mission. If a second mission does come out, I'll be waiting for it! Perhaps you can add an option to select difficulty too?

Good gameplay, environment, ect. Buggy Cinematics


Things I liked
- animations
- cut scenes
- mapping
- pacing
- timing
- new enemies
- reasonable objectives

things I didn't like
- in one of the cut scenes, the models disappear then reappear after animations.
- same view model
- no new weapons
- same skins
- "where to go" was almost a straight line
- a bit short, it leaves you wanting more but there's no more.
- lack of allies in the "BIG BATTLE" part, they died too easily if you weren't helping.


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