This mod tells us about fictional world war, that begins with political conflict in Middle-East Europe. The special meeting of international ambassadors is held
in the embassy of Germany at Damask, Siriya. A large group of insurgents attacks the embassy and captures politicians as hostages. The MP US troops are assigned
to this point to help in recapturing the embassy and hostages. You are squad leader of one of those troops.

1st Act.

2nd Act.

3rd Act.
In Development. No release date for now.
Will be not recommended to play to people with a weak psyche, the Cyprus nationality, and their sympathy

Assault Squad version:

Important! Part of the models are taken from Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Models are not used in commercial way, and they can't be used by other users. Models can't be opened in any editor so their sources can't be released in Internet.

All authors of resources are written in ReadMe. If you see some content, and you know that you are the author of it, just contact me. I will credit you as content owner. I don't mind if you're going to use content from this mod in other modifications, just be sure you didn't forget to leave credits. Cause i don't like when someone tries to give other's work as his own.

EFAE Authors decided to change rules a bit. They don't like u using their resources and want you to ask them before using their resources. Contact . If you don't see ";Exported by: Vorabat" in MDL file of model, than 99% that this models is from EFAE.

Mod Deleted

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