Re-enter the Half Life Universe and revisit City 17 in the time before Freeman, in this fan made single-player mod. The Resistance is threatened by a decisive Combine assault, and as a wanted Resistance member you will need to fight to escape from the Combine's clutch. At the same time, a mysterious force is working towards ends unknown...

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This mod is absolutely fantastic. It's wonderfully put together, with Valve-like quality. Truly one of the best Half-Life 2 story tie-ins since Dangerous World.

I hope to see more from this team.

Just finished Playing the mod, What a brilliant mod!! The levels have clearly been carefully thought out to lead the player through the maps, Engaging story line, good variation of combat, well though out.

Overall, a spectacular Mod 10/10!!


I hardly give 10/10, but if you're making a HL2 singleplayer episode, this is how it should be done. It made great use of all assets of Half-Life and combined them seamlessly and certainly long enough for a mod.

If there are plans for a sequel, I'd like to see more various puzzles and action. Many things were direct copies out of the Half-Life series which, as a seasoned player, I saw coming from a mile away. However, the battles were more challenging than Valve dared, which was a big plus for me.

Even though this mod last only about an hour, it is one exceptionally high quality hour. The environments are beautiful and fit right in. The games shortness is due mainly to avoidance of unnecessary areas. All of the firefights are exciting and extremely memorable. One would think that this mod was headed by Valve secretly as the levels are of such a high quality. If I had to dock any points it would be that during the ending hunter battle, I ended up sprinting past all the combine in my attempt to kill the hunter before it got away. Still, this is an amazing mod and I would recommend it to any fan of Half Life.


Cryptid.Hunter says

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My second favorite HL2 mod from now on(the first one ie Minerva).I especially enjoyed fight with the Hunter-Boss.It was really new and nice experience.Besides the map design is very clever and decent.Voice acting is also solid.

This is quite possibly the best single-player HL2 mod I've played - especially the first 10 minutes or so. As others have mentioned, there aren't really any new design ideas that you haven't already seen in the Half-Life series, but the quality of the maps is right up there with what Valve has produced. It would be nice to have a more exciting battle for the finale though, as the current ending seems a bit anticlimactic.

Basic Summery:
A decent mod, Well voice acted, fun/well mapped levels (and in some cases challenging) and fantastic music along side scenes.

Considering its free, this ones definitely worth giving a go.

In depth Summery:

Story - Short and sweet, any Half Life fan will understand whats going on in each level, Some would say its lacking story however I think they got just the right amount needed without shoving the plot in your face.

Game play - Not 'difficult' as such but there will be moments when you will have to think rather than constantly shoot. I personally had a couple occasions where I had to assess the situation more closely before moving on.

Voice Acting - Good voice acting, however the accents did throw me off a bit the first time I heard them, It didn't hinder the game however so I'd say it dosen't change anything.

Final Verdict - 10/10
I HL:Precursor 10/10 because it had clearly had effort put into and it was genuinely enjoyable, despite it being a short story it was still fun to play and thats what counts.

This was brilliant, loved everything about it. The gameplay and fun mechanics was great fun. Looking forward to any other mods or continuations from you.

Great mod! If you're reading this and thinking about downloading it, just do it.

Story stuff: The basic idea was pretty good, though the story wasn't that interesting. It wasn't horrible or anything though.

Level design: Absolutely stellar. Was better than hl2 IMO. Though that one point after the Hunter, I had to noclip through the fence to move on.

Gameplay: The best. It didn't have a thousand weapons like hl2, it made the most out of the ones you had though.

very great mod with a good enigm ,level design (the sewers ^^)

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