Re-enter the Half Life Universe and revisit City 17 in the time before Freeman, in this fan made single-player mod. The Resistance is threatened by a decisive Combine assault, and as a wanted Resistance member you will need to fight to escape from the Combine's clutch. At the same time, a mysterious force is working towards ends unknown...

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Perfect, Valve-Quality brushwork, challenging puzzles, great atmosphere (the parking garage fast zombie garage door scene was insane!), unforgiving gameplay (even on normal settings). All around a great mod, I would be glad to assist if there are plans for a sequel.


NikzzX says

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This is a well-made mod, but often times, I found myself constantly running into walls in the dark areas- a flashlight would've really helped.
Another minor glitch- the sniper can "see" you through the shipping containers and his bullets can noclip through them, even when you're behind solid cover.
Besides those minor annoyances, I would've given this mod a rating of "9".

this was a GREAT play!i definitely appreciated the suttle attention to details, very well done!

Ending felt a bit on the short side, I guess I just enjoy playing half-life2 so much that I never want to stop it. Haha

But this is a great mod, interesting sidestory.

An absolute masterpiece for the community we have here!

The mod starts calm, with a nice escape scene but quickly starts to get fully flexible.
The mapping is excellent, not very often that you see such a polished mapping in a mod, all areas where visually extremely attracting (especially the last level, I was just WOW), the lighting and the texturing is perfect and all the different areas are fit together in a nice and steady way.
The gameplay was interesting, while you miss some certain weapons, like the RA or grenades, it was very enjoyful, which is mostly cause of the very good enemy placement and some small scripted scenes. Also the areas in which you are fight are very interesting. Then end battle was really nice and I loved that little guy ^^
The puzzles were all very clear and intuitive, never had the feeling of having no clue about where to go, but also was never disappointed by too easy puzzles.
The music appears not often, but is well done. Only I missed a music part where you have to wait for the garage door to open up and defend against the coming screamers.

All in all, perfectly polished, perfectly playable and especially perfectly enjoyable mod, everyone should play it.

"Push esc, then press quit! There's no other way to beat this game!"

Sound advice.

Nice placed models, very deeply and good lighting. I'm also mapper for myself so I know how hard it is to make map looks good.
And music composer is credit to team ;)
And Patch 1.1 fixed some bugs during fights in last chapter, so I can now without and bat feeling give 10 on 10.
Precursor re-ignited my faith in HL2 modding!
Great Contact with Developers- If you write to them, they will respond.
Just like Valve do!

Very fun mod, throughly enjoyed it. Please check out my full review at Modding Today.

great mod, feels aprt of the half life world and well set up, like the way you had the subjects name at the start and the half life feel.The voice acting I thought was up to standard.The game also had a good sense of reasoning for the character and his movement in the world.I think that is rather lacking in other mods.Well Done.

Very good. =)

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