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Pirates of the Caribbean is a very nice pirate Role Playing Game for PC. Although the game was far from great, it was certainly good fun, apart from the bugs. Fortunately for the players, the game could easily be modified and that is how the Build modpack began. The Build contained all good mods joined into one package for easy installation. I started messing around with modding after Build 12 was released. I made a couple of small mods myself and added all mods that other people made into what soon became a major add-on for Build 12. Finally, two years after the release of Build 12, this modpack has been released as Build 13, introducing many new bugfixes, features, mods, character models, locations, items and yet again enhancing the game quite a lot.

Build 13 Final is the final full installation version for Build 13. Work is in progress on Build 14, for which several Alpha versions are available for public testing here. Please note that these versions are not completely stable and contain several bugs, ranging from not so bad to gamekilling. Build 13 is recommended for those who just want to play the game. Only get the Build 14 Alpha versions when you want to work as an alpha tester for the modding team.

Please ensure that you back up your base install of PotC as re-installing the game takes longer and is not necessary.

It is also a good idea to back up for each build as the update process has been known to go wrong in cases.

Go to the PiratesAhoy! forums and show us what you've got!

- Pieter Boelen, Build 13 Modpack Compiler

Installation Instructions for Build 13

Clean installation from the CD
2) Follow the installation procedures in the Build 13 Final installer file
3) Let the installer run the RunMe.bat file and follow it's instructions
4) Change the game's settings in BuildSettings.h
5) Change the game's controls to your liking
6) Start a new game and ENJOY!

Upgrade from Build 12.1
1) Extract Pre Build 13 Base Version on top of your game
2) Extract Build 13 Update 3 Full on top of your game
3) Run RunMe.bat
4) Change the game's settings in BuildSettings.h
5) Change the game's controls to your liking
6) Start a new game and ENJOY!

Copyright information
Pirates of the Caribbean is a trademark of Disney. The Pirates of the Caribbean video game franchise is a trademark of Bethesda Softworks, ZeniMax Media Corporation and Disney Interactive. Neither Disney or Bethesda Softworks are involved with the production of this Modification.

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In 2003, the game "Pirates of the Caribbean" made by the Russian game studio Akella, was released to the public. Being the hyjacked Sea Dogs 2 in disguise, the game was a rush-job with a lot of potential that went untapped in the original game. However, this was soon to change with the PiratesAhoy! Build Mod series!

"Pirates of the Caribbean: New Horizons", also known as "PiratesAhoy! Community Build 14" has been worked on non-stop ever since the release of the original game.
What we have been able to accomplish blows all our expectations out of the water.

We have added more features, some of which were thought to be impossible to achieve due to game engine limitations, most notably the DirectSail and Different Flags mods. There is vastly more historical realism, with different time settings being available within the same game. And there is much more story as well, with various storylines being available with different characters, new scenes and events and different gameplay. Not to mention somewhat improved graphics, along with new textures and models.

Big News: We're Getting the Source Code!

Game engine limitations will soon be a thing of the past. We have been able to contact the original game developers, who have graciously provided us with their set of modding tools and will soon give us access to the source code of Age of Pirates II: City of Abandoned ships. This game is based on an updated version of the PotC game engine, though is newer and, amongst others, has better graphics.

Alternate Platform:
Age of Pirates II: City of Abandoned Ships

Lack of availability is one of the main problems we have been experiencing in getting people interested in our PotC Build Mod work. For now, Age of Pirates II: City of Abandoned ships has been released in many parts of the world, but is also rather hard to find because of less-than-stellar publishing. Soon the game will be made available for digital purchase from Gamers Gate though, which will ensure that availability problems will also be a thing of the past.

Build 14 Progress

For now, we are still working on Build 14. More bugs are being fixed and we have some major projects in the works that are required to be finished before the final release.

Amongst others, this includes the creation of a comprehensive, yet entertaining and educative Game Manual in our "Seafaring fantasies" project. A big part of our Manual, which will remain a Work In Progress for a while to come, can be read here on the ModDB. It is written in the shape of a story, which makes it a worthwhile read even for people with only a passing interest in our modding efforts or the Age of Sail in general.

We have also gotten started on the "Willemstad Builders' Trials" seakeeping project, which is intended to improve the manoeuvring characteristics of all ships in the game. No longer will ships respond as if they are on rails. And no longer will there be uber-ships. Battles will no longer be won based on firepower, but also on clever manoeuvring and making use of your ship's advantages. A sample document and code files can be found here on the ModDB.

CoAS: Combined Mods Pack

Some new modders have joined our ranks and have taken up work on improving the previously-mentioned Age of Pirates II: City of Abandoned Ships. This is resulting in the "City of Abandoned Ships: Combined Mods" pack, of which the first official release can be found here on the ModDB. Work is well underway on Release 2, which will include some new fixes, more realism and many, many new

Looking to the Future

Getting access to the games' source code is incredible news with huge implications. This could be the beginning of a whole new era in pirate game modding and development. We could create renewed interest in the Age of Sail and get people who otherwise like only fast-paced arcadey games to appreciate the subtleties of historical realism and slower and more thoughtful gameplay. We could combine the best aspects of all previous Storm-engine based games into one game and expand on them based on our own ideas and preferences as well, taking into account the "modern gaming audience".

If we play things right, this could become a truly amazing project. More amazing than it already is. To join different people from all over the world with different languages and cultures together on a common project and work together in a democratic and supportive way without caring about race, age or religion would be an incredible thing. Not just from a gaming perspective but also as a view of what this world could be.

Where Do You Fit In?

We have plenty of plans and this will require plenty of people to make them into a reality. More than we currently have. Maybe you have plenty of ideas yourself as well. So if you have any care at all about making a game set in the historical Age of Sail, be sure to join us on the PiratesAhoy! Forums!

The possibilities are endless. Maybe we could expand these games to include not only the Caribbean, but other parts of the world as well. Maybe eventually we could even provide Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) gameplay. There has been a precedent of that in Voyage Century Online, which is based also on the Storm engine, same as Pirates of the Caribbean and both Age of Pirates games.
If YOU help us, the sky is the limit! Methaphorically speaking.


Even if we can live up only to a fraction of the possibilities, we will have gained more than just a better game. As such, I wish us and everybody who joins us all the best for the future!
So a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!!! :woot

New Profile for Build 14: New Horizons

New Profile for Build 14: New Horizons

6 years ago News 0 comments

From now on, all news, media and downloads for Build 14 will be posted on it's own all-new profile. Be sure to add the new profile to your Watch List!

Fun Build Mod Advert

Fun Build Mod Advert

6 years ago News 0 comments

This is a short but fun advert made by PiratesAhoy! member "Captain Winter".

Build 13 Final Installer

8 years ago News 1 comment

The modding for the original Pirates of the Caribbean PC Game continues and a Build 13 Final installer has now been released. This should put to rest...

Live the movie! Pirates of the Caribbean on Mod DB

Live the movie! Pirates of the Caribbean on Mod DB

8 years ago News 7 comments

To celebrate the opening of Pirates Of The Caribbean: At Worlds End our mod team has decided to bring all Mod DB visitors a taste of what we have been...

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Intel Graphics Fix

Intel Graphics Fix

2 years ago Effects GFX 7 comments

This fix allows the game to run on computers with an Intel Graphics Card. Improved version with better sea quality, though still not as good as with a...

PotC Build 13 Update 4

PotC Build 13 Update 4

3 years ago Patch 0 comments

Contains the Midnight Full Cargo Hold CTD fix, DirectSail Mod and a Fight Fix. Refer to to the "buildinfo" subfolder for additional details.

ENB Improved Graphics

ENB Improved Graphics

6 years ago Effects GFX 26 comments

Install this file to get better graphics in any version of a Storm Engine based game, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales...

Pirates of the Caribbean Music Pack

8 years ago Music 2 comments

This music pack will add the music from the film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl to the game. This music pack was made by Jopie...

Master and Commander Music Pack

8 years ago Music 0 comments

This music pack will add the music from the film Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World to the game. This music pack was made by Officerpuppy...

Cutthroat Island Music Pack

8 years ago Music 0 comments

This music pack will add the music from the film Cutthroat Island to the game. Although the movie was a flop, the music is excellent and this download...

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rototor Jul 3 2009 says:

hello, I'm a french and speek english like a spanish cow, so i put the language on french but only few informations are in french in the game... I can't (cannot??) read english anh i hope there is a french patch somewhere^^

Sorry for my bad english, i usually speek french

+1 vote     reply to comment
Pieter_Boelen Creator
Pieter_Boelen Jul 27 2009 replied:

There isn't a full orking French patch. Somebody'd have to finish it first. You can have a look here though:

+1 vote   reply to comment
scotty515 May 28 2009 says:

hi I am a new member

I have potc build 13 on my computer and I want them to work but they won't and I am getting anoyed with it.I don't know I think it is my computer type vista. can someone tell me how to get the blackpearl/flyingdutchman . I have downloaded fim ships from pirates ahoy but it still won't work can someone please help me.

thanks scotty515

+1 vote     reply to comment
Pieter_Boelen Creator
Pieter_Boelen Jun 8 2009 replied:

The game does work on Vista; that's not the problem. Does the game work before installing the modpack? What's your graphics card? What exactly doesn't work?

+1 vote   reply to comment
battleonboy3 May 9 2009 says:

ik heb het geinstallerd zoals je zegt maar het kan niet starten want engine is mising en ook als runme bezig is er groot deel kan bestadn niet vinden

+1 vote     reply to comment
battleonboy3 May 9 2009 says:

i have try it install again and again but always engineor options missing and i will play on full screen can you help me :(

+1 vote     reply to comment
battleonboy3 May 9 2009 says:

i can't plar anymore on fullscreen of i can't change the options

+1 vote     reply to comment
Pieter_Boelen Creator
Pieter_Boelen May 3 2009 says:

Engine missing? What do you mean by that?

The just-released Build 14 Alpha 9.5 has a proper installer, but you still need to install the unpacking Alpha 9 Full first. This isn't very hard though and with the release of Alha 9.5, the installation process is now much simpler.

+1 vote   reply to comment
battleonboy3 Apr 16 2009 says:

Can someone help me i have install potc but i have always engine missing hoe can i help this

And when come build 14 out (i mean not unpacking but installing like build 13)

+1 vote     reply to comment
marbatico Apr 14 2009 says:

its supposed to be theBlackPearl, but 'm not sure, you could also try BlackPearl and CursedPearl

+1 vote     reply to comment
osiris91 Mar 31 2009 says:

hey who can tell me what name to write on starting ships to get real Black Pearl....i was write many names like:BLACK_PEARL(dont work),Sol_74_gun(is not that real pearl),theBlackPearl, so can somebody help me?oh i forgot this is on build 13 mod:D

+1 vote     reply to comment
Pieter_Boelen Creator
Pieter_Boelen May 3 2009 replied:

"theBlackPearl" is the movie version.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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