The idea behind this is to make an episodic mod, which you can play as it grows and every new chapter will be based on a whole new theme. The basic concept is the following: You start at the main room. Use the portal machines to visit the chambers and gather all the eye balls. Bring them to the main room and open the gate leading to the next chapter.

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If Portal 2 is just kinda getting... Boring, than this is the mod for you! I have personally made it to Chapter 3 and already love it. Although, me being a Portal 2 speedrunner, I found a lot of skips/Glitches. And I don't blame the developer(s). The moves I make (Bhopping) exploits the movement system, and so some things I do are not intended yet, lets me complete some test chambers quicker than intended. Now for the Bugs... It's USUALLY small things like me falling off something and there being no death barrier at the bottom or different graphical errors, But if you can see past that, It's a pretty good mod. 9/10

Perfect!Very good work!


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