The game puts you once again in the shoes of Damien Reeves, now driven by his lust for revenge for all the suffering he had to go through in the original "Poke646". Experience exciting locations, a new weapon and surprising gameplay innovations...

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The sequel to the successful mod Poke646...however, even though it's damn short...believe me, is very short if you play a lot of it.

Still, very enjoyable mod, the final boss might be a pain for some but I managed to finish him good.Unfortunately, you don't get to use the nail weaponry, but the bullpup with nade launcher is a nice weapon for you to use.

If you have player Poke646 first and didn't play this before, try it out.Not better than the original but still a good mod.

Excelent use of the engine! Not overloaded and yet is feels totally diferent to half-life, the ending was kind.. unespected? great mod

A great sequel to a great mod.

I'm still astounded at the maps and atmosphere poke646 has given, and in Vendetta you get an whole new location with whole new surroundings on a spaceship, it looked a bit like doom 3.

Excellent lighting and map layout and the graphics are great for a goldsrc game. The puzzles are fairly simple, you get easy direction on where to go and what to do, which I personally like.

To the already amazing weapons the game had to offer you now get an assault rifle, instead of the nail gun, a few other weapons have been removed.

The story picks up where it left, and wraps up very nicely, I'm still a bit confused though, but that was because of the original poke646.

Also this mod is extremely short, less then an hour for me. Not that it's bad, if you put it together with the original poke646 it's still a lengthy game.

Overall a great mod, fun to play and a beautiful thing to look at. Unfortunately it's not something that will go in my history book as one of the best mods ever, nor will I remember it as so. 9/10, good, but not perfect.

Short, yet it came with plenty of surprises and a great amount of detail.

It wraps up the cliffhanger from the previous game well enough and it is certainly not to be missed by those who played the first :)


Overall I think what I thought of the previous mod, just to easy.. a few simple puzzles, messy storyline, badly done boss fight due to cramped area... but beautiful, new content everywhere, new environments galore and very long.

1 new weapon over the previous mod, but 3 others are missing.

Kinda disappointing follow up to the original excellent mod, it looks fantastic, but the mod is much shorter and the weapons are way less interesting, most of the time you use generic assault rifle instead of a nailgun and there are way less interesting puzzles.

simple, beautiful and exciting!
hardcore action, kickass soundtrack, brings a interesting history with a cool level design and makes a fantastic use of the goldsource engine.
some levels are hard, but thats what brings the challenge!
it also has some cool puzzles, so it don't get redundant.
haven't you played it yet?
you don't know what you are missing!
it's very enjoyable!

Well made as the previous one, but with an even better environment. Although maps contrast a lot between them, they are very related with the ones of the prequel. Gameplay was a bit less exciting than prequel, but I got enough fun. I almost didn't feel the lack of some weapons. The big bad problem about this episode is the length, because, in my opinion, it's extremely short. Also, though story comes to an end, felt a little bit rushed, and doesn't have lot of surprises as the prequel. In adition, puzzles are not that good as before.

Considering the previous reasons, I give this mod roughly an 8.

Great addon.

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