To improve and expand on the first Photo Realistic Zone, my version, PRZ2 aims to cover the whole spectrum instead of structures and creatures. Each and every texture will be individually edited, not only sharpening them, but also improving their bumb and specular maps and creating whole new, higher resolution textures.

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Incredible texture work by Loner1. Truly, it is brilliant and with his modified renderer the results are simply awesome. You have to experience it to understand. Makes the game stand with the best of the best to be honest, Thanks so much.

The best texture mod for SoC, bar none. Huge improvement over the original. For enthusiast level PCs only.

Forgot to review this mod earlier even though I've been using it for a while.

I consider this mod essential now (especially with the shader package). I can't wait for the CoP version :)

Good work.


Instantly became a must install mod for me - This one really does make THE! difference.



very nice work, makes a world of difference even with static lighting :)


bacon everywhere!

Just epic.

good job

Top notch! makes an "old" game feel fresh again

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